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The Predicament

Managing the Customer Journey Requires a Serious CMS

  • Companies want to manage the "Customer Journey"
  • Most CMS fall short in many ways
  • Security is a huge issue
  • Significant security vulnerabilities exist in many popular CMS like WordPress
  • Mass hacking can take you out, even if you’re not a direct target
  • Many systems are complicated/difficult to use, especially if you’re non-technical
  • Challenge to access third party applications
    • Payroll systems, looking at X-rays..portals..
  • Workflow
    • Page edits without supervisor approval can be a disaster
  • Drupal: Difficult to customize, users rely on message boards simply to survive how to navigate changes Single sign on

A Better way to manage content

SavviCMS™ avoids the typical CMS pitfalls
  • Page load speed performance is lightning quick
  • Advanced SEO, mobile-friendly
  • Doesn’t rely on plugins
  • Combines robust functionality & ease of use
  • Eliminates the need for HTML editors
  • Great ways to achieve success
    • Enables users to preview changes as they look before releasing live
    • Designed intuitively: for use by even the most non-technical employees.
    • Safe and Secure: you determine who has access to workflow, ensuring only authorized users may edit and approve content effectively using their time

Engage, Connect, Accelerate

  • Tracking and reporting features that allow for easy documentation of user activities, ensuring accountability
  • Built-in media management
  • Outlook-style folder structure
  • Content reuse/library system
  • WebEx and online tutorials
  • Highly flexible, and bespoke to your organization’s needs…. Learn more