Cloud Storage Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses


As an ever-growing business, you’re faced with the challenge of streamlining your processes any way possible to increase productivity and maximize products. Additionally, with limited staff, you’re doing a lot of work remotely, on the go, or from home in order to keep your business moving. It’s a tough place to be in as a small to medium-sized business and having one simple place to store files and manage communication between you and your partners makes this job easier. That’s why Savvior - a leading Pittsburgh software company - is here to break down the 4 best cloud storage solutions available for small to medium-sized businesses. As we compare these cloud storage solutions, we’ll break down the benefits of each platform so you can make the most out of your cloud storage choices.

Need a little more convincing? Check out just some of the benefits of using cloud storage as opposed to traditional storage types:

  • Centralization: cloud storage helps keep your business’s important files all in one easy-to-access location while ensuring files only fall into the right hands

  • Remote Work: cloud storage solutions allow employees to work from home with ease and access important files while on business trips or vacation.

  • Scalability: cloud storage solutions give you room to grow! As more storage is necessary, simply increase your subscription size and continue growing your business.

  • Security: most cloud storage solutions have encryption and security features that allow you to maintain compliance with the most heavily-regulated industries and their standards.

  • Affordability: cloud storage solutions are a logical choice for small to medium-sized business because it is more cost-efficient than custom cloud storage.

  • Agility: cloud storage opens up the possibilities for the ways in which files can be shared both in your organization and beyond.

Make sense? Now take a look at these four great cloud storage solutions named by a Pittsburgh software company:

Google Drive

Pittsburgh Software Companies Suggest Easy-to-Use Google Drive

google drive

Price: $10.00 a month for each TB above 15GB

Mobile-Friendly? Yes

Perks: First 15GB is free

Number of Users: Unlimited

Chances are that you’ve encountered Google Drive at some point as a business, whether it be for scanning over a document or sharing images with a marketing team, and are aware of the gist of how it works. For those who don’t know about Google Drive, it is the cloud-based storage solution by Google that plays into the increasingly Google-ized lives we live. Perfect for using alongside Gmail, Google Drive keeps all your files in one place - including Powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets - that can be accessed from anywhere. These documents can all be easily shared with your team, your partners, or kept entirely private with link sharing privacy settings, making it easy for you to collaborate with partners when necessary.

One Drive

Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Solution


Price: $7.00 per month per TB above 15GB

Mobile-Friendly? Yes

Perks: First 15GB is free, subscription to Office 365

Number of Users: Unlimited

Much like Google Drive, One Drive is Microsoft’s response to the cloud storage craze. As a sleek and efficient response to cloud storage, One Drive offers centralized cloud storage of everything your business may need and includes features like document signing, expiring links, and the ability to access files offline. Documents on One Drive are encrypted using SSL for your security so that you can rest assured that your files are accessed only by the right people. Best of all, One Drive users get free access to Office 365 for all their document creation needs.


Underrated Cloud Storage Solution Pittsburgh Software Companies Love


Price: Multiple plans, $15 per month per user for unlimited storage

Mobile-Friendly? Yes

Perks: Variety of pricing options, secure

Number of Users: Minimum of 3,10-unlimited maximum depending on the plan

Box is a great option for businesses of all sized. While not popular in the centralized cloud storage market, Box offers up to 50GB of free storage on business accounts, greatly surpassing competitors. There are four account types available for Box users - personal, starter, business, and enterprise - each of which comes with its own specific features. A huge perk of using Box is its high level of security, allowing you to work manage compliance, like HIPAA and GDPR, for some of the most regulated industries on a global scale.


Pittsburgh Software Companies Recommend this Industry Leader


Price: Multiple plans, starting at $12.50 per month per user for 3TB

Mobile-Friendly? Yes

Perks: Two-factor authentication, enable HIPAA compliance

Number of Users: 3 user minimum

Founded in 2007, Dropbox was the platform that kicked off the cloud storage craze. Dropbox has extensive cross-platform versatility and its networking capabilities are what make Dropbox a leader within this market. Dropbox boasts extremely flexible storage plans, version recovery, link permissions, smart sync, team folder management, custom admin dashboards, remote wipe, over 300,000 app integrations, and a simple account transfer tool that’s perfect for changes in staffing and responsibility. All this combines with competitive security measures that allow for HIPAA compliance and other strict regulation compliance, making Dropbox a top choice from Pittsburgh software companies and other businesses alike.


Think it’s time to bring your small to medium-sized business’s storage into the 21st century? Get in touch with the software experts at Savvior today for help making big transitions in storage, compliance, and beyond.