What is SavviSPX™ and How Can it Help my Business?


As a business, you are constantly challenged to find ways to increase productivity, find more efficient processes, and improve your bottom line. Those managing others not only are responsible for the oversight of employees but are tasked with the job of finding solutions to make your human capital even more valuable. While some companies are afraid to reinvent the wheel, Savvior knows that improving upon existing standards is the innovation that some businesses need to thrive. That’s why Savvior - a leader among software companies in Pittsburgh - is here to break down what their proprietary software, SavviSPX™ does for your business. With this software, you’ll experience faster collateral creation, streamlined communication, and an overall more collaborative experience.

What is SavviSPX™?

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SavviSPX™ by Savvior

Businesses are constantly tasked with creating documents for staff, clients, customers, and the public that detail key information on the business itself. When creating these documents, a successful business knows the value that comes with being able to customize and replicate these documents efficiently to add a personalized touch. Additionally, businesses need a way to reduce the amount of time spent branding, formatting, and organizing these documents to save time and increase efficiency. SavviSPX™ is the solution to these issues. Designed by the leader among software companies in Pittsburgh, SavviSPX™ helps your business save time and increase the replicability of documents.

What does SavviSPX™ Do?

SavviSPX™ Interface

SavviSPX™ is an agile software that provides businesses with the freedom necessary to create meaningful documents in just minutes. Want the specifics? Here are the ways that SavviSPX™ improves your workflows and processes:

Stronger Branding

SavviSPX™ allows you to create branded templates for your digital and print collateral with ease. You can build a content library capable of holding a variety of templates and easily change the look and feel of your print collateral at any time.

Real-Time Collaboration

When working with different departments on your team - like sales, marketing, legal, and engineering - SavviSPX™ allows you to pull in content from individual departments to ensure documents have the most up-to-date information. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows each team to easily edit and adjust existing templates.

Increased Mobility

SavviSPX™ is built from the ground up with mobile users in mind. Whether you’re using SavviSPX™ in the office or from a mobile tablet, users have full capabilities. This means your business continues to run seamlessly on SavviSPX™ during business trips and during travel time.

Expanded Integration

Savvior worked hard to ensure that SavviSPX™ is capable of integrating with a variety of services in order to import customer and vendor data as needed. Additionally, SavviSPX™ allows you to export directly to an e-mail account, Dropbox, or Salesforce for an additional layer of streamlined communication.

Streamlined Management

Managing your business and others on SavviSPX™ makes communication easy using a single interface. Your content and documents are displayed in real-time with previews and the time of recent modifications, making it easier to access and organize documents. Additionally, searching for documents under certain criteria allows for easy recall and reorganization as necessary.

Unlimited Creation 

Unlimit your creative mind with easy and innovative creative capabilities on SavviSPX™. With simple in-line editing and copy-paste abilities, users see their adjustments in real-time as automatic adjustments are made to the formatting to ensure a beautiful and functional composition each and every time.

How Can SavviSPX™ Help My Business?

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Because of the power of SavviSPX™, this software helps improve your business process in various verticals. Not only does SavviSPX™ save time in the creation of replicated documents, but it helps keep branding consistent on each document. This builds up a professional presence for your business effortlessly. Additionally, the ability to collaborate with various areas of your business helps ensure that your documents are created thoroughly while ensuring no loose ends in your communications both internally and externally. Best of all, SavviSPX™ allows you to create a standardized process for customizing what your business creates, adding a personalized touch to everything your business creates.


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