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Even if you can get to the data, would you know what to do with it? What you might not know can hurt you.


The inherit collaboration challenges in large organizations waste incredible time and money, frustrate employees, can be a compliance issue, and limit productivity. To optimize knowledge across the enterprise, it's essential to free data hidden in spreadsheets, legacy data systems, employees’ minds and lost in chains of emails, and turn data into useful information for employees.

Recent studies have shown:

  • Process redundancy is a huge issue!

    7% to 20% of employee time on the job is spent replicating existing solutions for others.. Delphi Group
  • Transferring knowledge isn't inherent!

    44% of employees are poor or very poor at transferring knowledge. Ernst & Young
  • A lack of visibility compounds and hurts the business!

    The Association for Talent Development (ATD) notes, “These statistics—which are just the tip of the iceberg—can translate to process redundancy, subpar performance, marketing mistakes and inconsistencies, customer defection, low employee retention, and revenue loss.”

A failure to manage knowledge is costing you money.

Total enterprise visibility and collaboration are essential, but rarely attained. Despite the best efforts of deploying knowledge management point solutions, organizations often fail at fully accessing, sharing, and being able to make important decisions from, the data hidden within various enterprise resource management systems.

It’s also hard to attract, onboard and retain the next generation of your workforce while also balancing loss of knowledge that accompanies staff defection and retirement. Best-of-breed, intuitive online collaboration tools are imperative, but will only work if you can reach all the right information.

  • “There’s not many [workers] in the middle. That’s where the historical knowledge needs to be conveyed,” said Ms. Good. “The bigger the company is, the more opportunity there is for knowledge loss.” 
    -Deborah Good, clinical assistant professor of business administration at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business.

  • “Repositories are best for explicit knowledge, but they can provide a pointer to people with tacit knowledge,” “Even if the info isn’t in the repository, you can find the person to reach out to.” 
    -Linda Argote, professor of organizational behavior and theory at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.

  • "With baby-boomers at or nearing retirement age, it is imperative that companies introduce quality knowledge management programs and institute continuing-education services to deliver specialized information to incoming employees to maintain the same level of knowledge.” 
    -Don Lesem, V.P./CDO, IEEE GlobalSpe

Savvior’s solved these business issues with OmniView™

OmniView™ a unique, four-layered application framework which turns data into usable information. We’ve reimagined enterprise visibility through a four-layered system that allows for total visibility.

With OmniView™, organizations of any size and industry can:

  • Conduct secure search/translation of information
  • Leverage software algorithms to power business decisions
  • Contribute, collaborate/modify content and conduct deep research through the wiki layer

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Available in individual modular functions, or as an all-encompassing platform, OmniView™ fits the need of any size organization. It sits on top of, and integrates with, popular systems which may already be in place including SharePoint and Salesforce/other CRM systems.

OmniView is world's first fully-functional knowledge mastery platform, and redefines the collection, retention, management, user discovery and review of mission-critical records, all in a single role-based auditing and compliance system. Interested in how it's solving problems for world leaders including Arconic?

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