CMR Group

CMR, a French company headquartered in Marseille France, manufactures industrial engine controls and electrical power management systems that require a worldwide massive inventory to serve the oil & gas, power and global engineering industries.

With multi-million dollars worth of inventory spread throughout the globe, CMR was in a bind. Coupled with complications of language barriers and inventory numbers not matching up to the holding centers, they needed a better way to utilize the inventory at hand.

Savvior proposed an enterprise-wide Content Management System (CMS) deployment to centralize control of the data. As part of the proposal Savvior created a zip-code and multi-lingual product databases to manage the product inventory more efficiently with on-the-fly PDFs for quick product information access.

Savvior then created strategic reports to allow better decision-making to manage multiple warehouse inventories including aging/depreciation of the current inventory and product duplication.

The data analysis/data warehousing initiative could save CMR millions of dollars in redundant inventory. CMR is now working toward Online bill pay, Ecommerce and a single sign-on solution for Internet, Intranet and Extranet for customers, employees and partners.

James Thwaites

Group Marketing CMR Group (United Kingdom)

"Savvior are like a breath of fresh air. Totally client focused, they have an uncanny ability to align to your business mission and be easy going to work with at the same time. Any CEO will be 100% satisfied, guaranteed!"