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Ensure your website is ADA compliant: Final regulations expected in 2018

The Americans with Disabilities Act extends to websites, to ensure that all Americans have fair access to important information, and if your organization’s site isn’t compliant, you could be opening your company up to steep penalties and lawsuits, not to mention alienating potential customers.

  • Target Corporation

    Had to settle for damages of $6 million USD and attorney's fees and costs over $3.7 million after a lawsuit by US National Federation of the Blind (NFB).
  • The Sydney Olympic Games

    Was required to pay $20,000 AUD in damages due to poor accessibility to their website.
  • Amex in the news

    "Bank upgrade is excluding blind. Visually impaired customers of American Express say they can no longer read their credit card statements online." - BBC Headline after Amex neglected WCAG 2.0 standards.

Why Savvior for ADA Compliance?

Savvior’s talent and experience can ensure your organization’s website is ADA Compliant, now, and as regulations evolve.

  • We know the regulations
  • Experienced in integrating alternative keyboards, text-to-speech software and screen magnifiers
  • Guidance and best practices
  • Skilled in ensuring your site is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust

Savvior guides your organization to full ADA website compliance!

There’s a lot of confusion in the market around the latest guidelines, but Savvior is on top of the latest guidelines, and can help your organization make the right enhancements to ensure you are following best practices.

ADA standards are issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Earlier this year, the DOJ stated that it planned to address the uncertainty on the website issue by most likely adopting the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA” in 2018.

For 20 years, Savvior has helped some of the world’s leading enterprise corporations, mid-size businesses, and emerging market leaders implement and optimize the tools required to take business and technology performance to new heights. WordPress Platform.

ADA Compliance is not optional--don't subject your company to unnecessary penalties! Contact Savvior today for your free ADA compliance assessment..

Irrespective of content management system (CMS) or platform, the world's organisations are leveraging the power of Savvior to harness the power of the web. Trusted by leaders including Alcoa, Arconic, Vector Security, Colorado School of Mines, and many others, we can help your site meet full ADA compliance with a rich, easy-to-navigate user experience.

With Savvior, your website will be compatible with a wide range of assisting technologies. Contact us today to ensure your website is ADA Compliant, and you're fully serving all members of our community.

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