The Top 3 Enterprise Search Applications

Before we get into the best enterprise search software on the market, the experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior need to make sure you understand just how important this software is and can be for your business. It’s all about data loss; preventing it, fixing it, and moving past it.

Data loss is a pretty self explanatory name for what it is — the loss of data. Either through human error, corrupted files, malware or simple mismanagement, data — especially data accumulated by large organizations — has a tendency to wind up gone. This can present massive problems for businesses both in the daily workflow operations of an office and in the long term profits businesses look for. When data goes missing, it needs to be recovered. This costs time and money that would otherwise go unwasted had the data stayed put. You might think this is only a small matter, “why pay for software to fix something so small?”

In 2014, a study found that 20% of companies that experienced large scale data loss due to outages had to shell out between $50,000 to $5 million to fix the problem. Further, over 50% of businesses who experience large scale data loss close within 2 years of the event and 43% of those are never able to reopen.

All this simply because data just wasn’t where these businesses needed it to be. That’s why developers — like the IT experts at Savvior’s Pittsburgh office — have come up with enterprise search applications. Yes, it’s an extra cost, but these costs pale in comparison to the kind of loss you can expect without enterprise search software in place to keep you safe.

Now you know why you need it; let’s take a look at the industry’s best enterprise search apps the experts in Pittsburgh say will help keep your business from disaster.




Screen capture taken from Algolia webpage

Algolia is a younger company compared to other search giants like Google. They were founded in 2012 in Paris, but the reason they’re making the list from our enterprise search experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior is because of what they’ve been able to do in that short amount of time. In 2018, Algolia had already raised over $70 million, and from year beginning 2018 to September they’d increased their customer count by ?. By all the numbers, Algolia seems to be shredding the competition from a business perspective with the only giant in their way being Google. That is, until Google sunsetted its only enterprise search application leaving the road ahead of Algolia free of competition.

But those are the business numbers. What can Algolia be doing for your business? Well, if over 6,000 client businesses aren’t enough to convince you, let the list of Algolia’s services do the work. Algolia’s enterprise search capabilities are credited with more relevance and fine tuning than Google’s ever had mostly because of their individualized approach to enterprise search. Where Google services produced a one size fits all solution to enterprise search, Algolia fine tunes the programs they sell so that your search results are as comprehensive and easy to use as they can be for your business. Pairing that with their range of pricing options, Algolia is providing enterprise search solutions that won’t break the bank.



Screen capture taken from CommVault webpage

CommVault is all about better data management and that includes some pretty refined and comprehensive enterprise search capabilities. Established in 1996, CommVault has been around data management and enterprise support systems since there was such a thing, and their global partnerships with industry giants like ING, Panasonic and Sony speak volumes to their efficacy, refinement and expertise.

But again, we aren’t here to sell you based on the numbers. Take a look at this table representing the services included with CommVault’s personal enterprise search application.

ediscovery features chart

Table taken from Finances Online

If it isn’t clear from the table, the enterprise search experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior want you to know: they have everything. This is probably one of the most comprehensive lists of features you’re going to find on the market for enterprise search applications. With a suite of features like this, you can be sure your data will be securely managed and safe for as long as you need it.



Of course, it isn’t a full review of industry standard tech without a mention of the leading software being produced by the experts in Savvior’s Pittsburgh office. Savvior’s response to data loss: better data management which facilitates comprehensive and easy to use enterprise search. That’s the whole idea around OmniView, Savvior’s enterprise search suite produced right here in Pittsburgh.

What OmniView does is centralize all the enterprise data into a single, wiki like, portal, which can then be managed and easily searched without complicated data networks or information being stuck in multiple silos. The whole system allows for the mingling and easy collaboration of data so you don’t need to waste anymore time and money bringing the pieces together, they already are.

OmniView also offers 4 levels of features:

  • Unparalleled discoverability of content across various systems and projects in a secure fashion

  • Quickly getting specific data into the hands of users  

  • Archiving features

  • Security that meets all your existing protocols for IP, user roles and security rights.  

With these features backing your business, you can rest easy knowing your data is securely where it needs to be.