“But who knows, where or when…?”


Great song lyric, but a treacherous question to the global enterprise when talking about the lack of knowledge management. Everyone agrees it's a problem, but how dangerous is it to the business? Is it worth complaining about, or acting on? 

If you're not addressing the lack of visibility across the enterprise, you are:

  • Wasting precious human and financial capital
  • Risking being eclipsed by the competition
  • Delaying innovation which grows the business


Knowledge is power, visibility provides strength. We’ve created the world’s first global, web-based knowledge management system powering the enterprise with content discoverability like never before. With Savvior's OmniView™, global multinational leaders can now:

  • Obtain relevant business insights and historical data
  • Shorten product development lifecycles
  • Manage IP/Intellectual capital/ know-how tucked away in silos, repositories, and in the minds of employees
  • Increase connectivity and collaboration between internal employees and departments
  • Eliminate wasteful additional investments of capital and time when the answers already exist


OmniView™ is a centralized repository of information which facilitates the collection, retention, management, user discovery and review of important records. This intuitive collaboration system connects into numerous enterprise data systems, eliminating information being stuck in silos.   

Discover. Aggregate. Collaborate. Interact.  
with OmniView™ by Savvior.

OmniView™ is a single-source, Wikipedia-like portal that connects into all existing systems to share specific information across the enterprise. Find who’s done what, when, and how you can reuse information to save money, resources and time.

A sophisticated marriage of data connectivity, machine learning and a clean user experience, OmniView™ is an intuitive collaboration system which connects into all systems and processes you have in place and empowers your employees:

  • Unparalleled discoverability of content across various systems and projects in a secure fashion
  • Quickly getting specific data into the hands of users  
  • Archiving features
  • Security that meets all your existing protocols for IP, user roles and security rights.   

OmniView™ facilitates and helps manage innovation and organizational learning. Now the expertise of your people sets the stage for future success.