How Savvior’s Pittsburgh-grown content management systems have helped clients prosper


For any business in the digital age, it’s important to have a strong online presence. How those businesses build their online presence can be tricky, especially without the right team at their back. That team is Savvior. Our Pittsburgh team has created custom content management systems for our clients that have allowed them to build strong online content and grow their brands and businesses. This article will detail two such clients and how Savvior’s Pittsburgh team of experts was able to save the day with our robust content management systems.

The Case of CMR

CMR InfoChart

Even though our content management systems experts are based in Pittsburgh, our influence has gone global.

CMR Group is a France-based company located in Marseille. Their business focuses on manufacturing and producing engine controls and power management systems that have a global reach. Their massive inventory and multilingual business network was presenting challenges for their out of date network, so they turned to Savvior for help.

When CMR Group came to Savvior, millions of dollars worth of inventory spread around the globe were not matching inventory specs reported by holding centers. Adding to this language barriers, and CMR Group was facing serious business troubles.

Our team of content management systems experts all the way in Pittsburgh decided the best thing for CMR Group would be their very own custom, enterprise-wide content management system. This would allow for more centralization of the data being reported as well as an easier time managing multiple disparate locations. The content management system our Pittsburgh team created included multilingual databases, on-the-fly PDF production as well as strategic reporting measures that would allow for better inventory management that included depreciation/aging inventory -- something their old system couldn’t handle.

The resulting custom content management system was a tremendous success. Savvior potentially saved CMR Group millions in preventing redundancies in inventory alone. In fact, CMR Group decided to keep Savvior on as content management systems experts even after the job was done. They’ve since requested our team start work on a number of other initiatives sure to streamline their business workflows and save them untold amounts of time and money.

The Case of Mines

Savvior doesn’t just help massive, global businesses. Our team of content management systems experts has also helped institutions such as the Colorado School of Mines. The School of Mines is an engineering and applied sciences college with some of the highest admissions standards in the country. Such a prestigious school didn’t have these standards for their web presence, however, that is -- before Savvior.

Before coming to Savvior’s Pittsburgh-based team of content management systems experts, this Colorado school was running what can only be described as a mess. Each department was independently running and managing their own websites. This made for terrible user experiences and a mish mash of information that made even simple things like upcoming events almost impossible to effectively communicate with students.

Savvior decided the best thing to do for the School of Mines was to utilize our very own SavviCMS content management system. Similar to the custom system built for CMR Group, SavviCMS is a content management system built buy our team in Pittsburgh that can be used to fit the needs of Savvior’s clients. In this instance, the calendar module was of tremendous help consolodating information and making everything easily accessible to users.

Savvior’s team of content management systems experts in Pittsburgh was also able to integrate the multiple webpages so that they could each be independently -- yet still cohesively -- managed by the departmental web masters. The results made for a much more streamlined and robust system than the one Mines was settled with before. The mobile app was able to be easily updated and maintained and user experiences on the site turned positive.


From global corporations to renowned universities, Savvior’s team of content management systems experts in Pittsburgh, PA is ready to help any client. Our experts have years of experience with CMS networks and their development, so let them put this experience to use for you.