Why You Need to Make the Switch to Business Process Automation Systems if You Haven’t Already


Are you tired of wasting time filling out piles of paperwork? Does it seem like your employees are slowly becoming more and more dissatisfied with their work as they are continually burdened with performing menial tasks? If so, then it is time to change the way you do business. Your old tools for sending reports across large enterprises, such as spreadsheet services and traditional enterprise reporting packages, are ineffective and should be left in the dust. More and more companies are beginning to employ business process automation systems so that employees can spend less time working on dull tasks and more time focusing on critical, time-sensitive work. 

One of these programs is SavviReports, which functions as an effective business process automation system for Pittsburgh companies. In this post, the IT consulting experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior will discuss: 

  • How business process automation functions

  • Key benefits of using BPA

  • How SavviReports can help your business

What is Business Process Automation? 

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Business Process Automation (BPA) is the use of technology to perform simple, recurring tasks. According to McKinsey, about half the work done by employees can actually be done by a machine. So why waste your employees’ time with mind-numbing tasks when you can automate them and transfer them to a machine instead? Think how productive your team will be now that they have twice as much time on their hands. McKinsey also claims that BPA can even cut operating cost by up to 90%

How Can Business Process Automation Help my Company?business plan thinking

So, what processes can BPA handle exactly?

  • The transfer for large files of information between employees

  • Copying and pasting data between tools

  • Invoicing

  • Adding meeting events to your calendar

These are just a few things that BPA can cover. While these tasks seem small on their own, they do add up in the long run. 

Example #1 of Business Process Automation in the Office  

Here’s a conversation that you may have heard once or twice in the office, or may have even been a part of yourself. 

“Katie, did you schedule a meeting with Savvior about hiring them for a network audit?”

“No, you told me Rachel was supposed to do that.”

“I was, but then I asked the intern to do it.”

“Where’s the intern?”
“It’s his day off.”

Anyone who has been in this situation knows how frustrating it is to deal with miscommunication, and how it can become an obnoxious roadblock to achieving a productive workday. 

Instead of being forced to send emails back and forth regarding tasks that are supposed to take seconds to complete, employees whose businesses use BPAs can have these tasks automated almost immediately. 

Example #2 of Business Process Automation in the Office  

Let’s say your business needs to assemble a large quantity of data before processing it into a report. Maybe you are organizing payroll information, or are trying to keep a detailed list of inventory and stock. You could have an employee manually enter these numbers into a spreadsheet. However, accidental manipulation of data by the employee can easily lead to errors. After the employee finishes entering the numbers, he or she will still need a software developer to run the actual report. Non-technical people will likely have trouble with this, and they will lose precious time spent figuring out the software. 

With the use of BPA software, you can automatically record and process reports instead, saving you precious time and money. 

Business process automation systems also reduce the chance of making a mistake that a human might miss on accident. Your employees are only human, and the more they engage in completing dull, repetitive tasks, the easier it will be for them to miss an error. Eliminate this issue by investing in business process automation systems in Pittsburgh for your company. 

Why Should I Choose SavviReports for my Business?

Savvi Reports

We’re glad you asked. Savvi Report offers real-time, mission-critical data thresholds for employees, which reduces safety concerns associated with old-school organizations and allows users to handle a growing list of demands with the help of a centralized IT system. Other perks of using Savvi Reports include:

  • The ability to create project templates to shorten product lifecycles

  • Avoiding unnecessary ERP annual seat licenses

  • Diminished training costs thanks to its ‘data only view’ delivery model

  • Centralized IT management for User Authentication into a data warehouse

  • An easy interface that even the most non-technical employee can work with 


Business process automation is perfect for companies looking to increase their productivity and employee satisfaction. If you are ready to make the switch to business process automation, contact our team of experienced experts today to see how Savvi Reports can help your business.