Thinking of Adopting JIRA? Why You’ll Want Savvior by Your Side

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering utilizing Atlassian services in your business, and if not; we’re not really sure what you’ll get out of this, but welcome all the same. If you are considering Atlassian services, you aren’t alone. The Sydney born tech company has global reach with products like JIRA and Confluence. Just this year, Atlassian rushed past the $1 billion mark in revenues, and with thousands of customers and a proven record of business strategy optimization, it’s no wonder you’re considering their products.  

WIth thousands of customers, however, can come thousands of complaints. While Atlassian services have been used by businesses to automate business processes and build custom agile workflows, it’s impossible to keep everybody happy. This being said, there’s some basis to these complaints -- mostly focusing on the complexity of Atlassian services. Don’t let this sour the taste in your mouth, though! Atlassian services are still every industry’s standard for workflow automation and integration; some just need a little help getting there. That’s where the Atlassian services experts in Pittsburgh’s Savvior come in. With our experience and the performing power of Atlassian services, there’s no end to your business’ potential.

Let’s take a look at 2 of the most common user complaints with Atlassian services -- specifically JIRA -- and what the experts in Pittsburgh can do to help.

Complicated Setup

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The setup process for many Atlassian products -- specifically JIRA -- is a well documented quagmire of complicated techy-ness. It is, in fact, the loudest complaint by many users -- that the setup process is very technical making the process near impossible for those who find themselves not as literate in IT. Even with the helpful step by step diagrams available on the Atlassian site, customer service threads and numerous articles devoted to helping users get JIRA up and running, still the complaints persist.

This is all valid, of course. Customer complaints shouldn’t be dismissed simply because material exists that could minimize these growing pains. The fact is, many businesses don’t have the time or resources to commit to leading a team through the trenches of furthered IT education. Users want a product that can be plugged in and run right away. To hell with setup.

This mythical product, however, doesn’t exist. There will never be an Agile system that can be turned on from factory settings and be expected to work with any kind of efficiency. That’s because Agile is all about custom, bespoke workflow management, and that’s exactly what JIRA -- and the rest of the Atlassian services suite -- can be with the right help.

JIRA is still a fantastic tool, if you can get it going, and that’s where the experts in Savvior’s Pittsburgh office come in. Rather than settling for substandard APIs or taking the time to teach yourself how to set up a system famous for complicated setup, why not just get someone else to do it for you? The experts in Pittsburgh’s Savvior have been helping clients implement JIRA Agile since the very beginning. You’ll want their experience on your side during those first, vital steps toward a relationship with Atlassian services. In the long run, properly and professionally installed Atlassian services will only save your business resources over the alternative -- dodgy installation and constant triageing and trouble-shooting for the rest of your time with JIRA.

User Difficulty

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So, now you’re set up with your brand new JIRA network that the Atlassian services experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior got all nice and ready for you. You’re ready to go. This is true for most businesses. After the initial setup of Atlassian services, most are comfortable to hit the ground running with Agile workflows. Some, however, maintain difficulties throughout the relationship. Nothing serious, of course, just the odd user un-friendliness every API gets criticized for.

The fact is, even beyond the complicated matter of adoption and integration, some especially non-technically literate users continue to experience confusion. This is especially due to the fact that, after implementation, the users we’re talking about are no longer within the IT department. In the hands of the average layperson, deploying workflows and customizing the system to the special needs of each project can spell trouble.

Again, the experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior are here to help with the Atlassian services hassle. Teaming with Savvior means their IT consulting experts are ready to help when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to customize a new project workflow or simply edit a node, Savvior’s expert team is there to answer any questions your IT staff might not be equipped to handle.

It’s also been noted that JIRA and other Atlassian services have steep learning curves, and how better to get over the curve than with the guiding hand of experts at your side all the way? Once our team of Atlassian services experts implements your JIRA service think of them as training wheels. Keep them on billing until your staff gets comfortable with the changes you’ve made, and when you and your team are ready, shed them. Your team will be thankful for the support, and the usual growing pains people complain about will be completely mitigated.

The experts in Pittsburgh are the answer to every question you might have about switching to Atlassian services and JIRA. Still need convincing? Contact the team themselves, and schedule a consultation to see how Savvior and JIRA can get your business where it’s going.