The Case for JobRouter

The business process automation experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior have brought you examples of how automation can help build a business and prepare it for the modern market. Business process automation can save countless jobs, capital, work hours and paper. Today, however, the experts in Pittsburgh wanted to show a different side of business process automation. While for-profit clients of JobRouter have found their business process automation solutions profitable and business savvy, sometimes these solutions can be used to make everyday lives easier.

This is the case of a Greater Pittsburgh Area school that chose to partner with JobRouter and reap the many benefits of business process automation.


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A K-12 school district in the Pittsburgh area was looking to automate their onboarding and parental permissions processes. Before meeting with JobRouter, the district was using an intensive paperwork based process that was taking months and exorbitant labor hours to complete. Beyond the parents’ frustration, the process needed updating because it was taking 4 full time employees the better part of 3 months to complete the registration process. Not accounting for the great potential for human error in this process, the district’s system before JobRouter was costing taxpayer dollars for inefficiency. On top of this headache, teachers were forced to change curriculum and push back planned events because the parental approval process was carrying on well into the semester. Something had to be done.

Being that it’s the 21st century, district leaders considered JobRouter and business process automation for the paperless potential for the registration process as well as ease of use. They had a few requirements for JobRouter:

  • A fully paperless registration and parental permission process

  • Easy to use system that parents and staff wouldn’t need training to perform

  • Integration with existing district-wide systems as well as updates sent to key staff (i.e. nursing staff receiving updated medical information)

JobRouter delivered these requirements and more.


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After JobRouter worked on their system, the Pittsburgh area school district is now fully operating in the 21st century. First and foremost, the entire registration and consent process has been automated using a paperless portal as any business process automation solution would be. The entire process is handled using a secure portal by parents during the final few weeks of the summer so that everything is updated and current by the time teachers or staff will need it. Moreover, parents have 24/7 access to the portal -- something they didn’t have with the old process -- so that, if anything changes, they can update their child’s information at any time.

Obviously, the privacy and security of our children is of utmost importance. So, the system is entirely encrypted and secure; only information relevant to one’s own children is visible to parents who update the records -- this information may include emergency contacts, health records and information and consent and permissions.

The easy to use system totally integrates with the existing network being used by the district. Any new information or changes made to a student’s record are highlighted for quick identification. The system also notifies key staff when changes are made, and authorized teachers and staff are able to easily view a student’s record without needing complex systems or help. Intelligent routing and granular access controls also mean that staff, teachers, and the office of the school nurse only have access to the information that they are authorized to see and which is relevant. This helps to keep confidential information confidential, and puts the most important information within reach of those who really need it.

All of this on top of the fact that the entire system happens and is completed within the first month of the school year. This leaves staff with more time to focus on education and student enrichment -- and the teachers can schedule field trips earlier.

A full, comprehensive list of benefits from the new JobRouter system would include:

  • 100% Online process parents complete

  • Registrations handled faster, smoother

  • Annual Consents & Updates completed in weeks at beginning of school year

  • Parents can update their child's information anytime 24/7

  • Changes are highlighted and staff is immediately notified

  • Important data is distributed to authorized staff (i.e. medical info to school nurses)

  • Integrates with school information system

  • School always has the most recent information at their fingertips

  • Staff time freed up to focus on other services

  • Fields trips start earlier and EMAs are much easier to print

JobRouter & Savvior

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Partners for years now, the potent combination of JobRouter’s business process automation with Savvior’s IT consulting expertise has been improving business’ workflows across the industry. Not just for schools, business process automation has helped businesses in every industry solve almost any workflow challenge they may face. JobRouter has been used to solve problems including

  • Building integration between systems  

  • Eliminating time consuming, inconsistent and error-prone manual procedures

  • Staying compliant with laws, regulations (FDA, SOX, ISO) and internal standards

  • Processing of large quantities of ‘cases‘ (paper or electronic) per day/month

  • Automate processes involving multiple people or departments and collaborative or case-based routing

  • Efficient, consistent, transparent and timely processing of applications, forms, approvals, service reports, invoices, requests, corrective actions, etc.

The business process automation experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior are prepared and experienced enough to solve whatever workflow problems JobRouter has the potential to alleviate. Don’t let your business stay stuck in the past; contact the experts at Savvior to see how business process automation and JobRouter can bring your business into the 21st century.