The Case for DocuSign Integration


By now, if you’re leading a business, you’ve probably heard of DocuSign if not already using it. For those unfamiliar, DocuSign at the core is an eSignature API that allows users to sign documents from any device without the use of old fashioned pen and paper. DocuSign integration has been used by businesses the world over to streamline the agreement process and simplify everything related to contract agreement.

You might think this is no big deal. So what? Just print it out, sign it and fax it over. It’s not that serious. But the business world disagrees. In 2012, Business Insider reported that the company had over 20 million discrete users and added 60,000 daily. In the same report, it was noted that — even back in 2012 — 90% of Fortune 500 companies were using DocuSign integration to speed up the contract agreement process.

So if your business isn’t using DocuSign integration, the question now is: why not? Many people feel unsure about using a new service like DocuSign and integrating it with their business processes. Some users have questions about:

  • Document management

  • Security

  • User experience (UX)

That’s why the DocuSign integration experts at Savvior have put together this article: to put to rest the questions about DocuSign integration and start your business on a more streamlined and modern path to contract agreement.

Document management

stacks of papers

You might think you don’t need more document management than the filing cabinet you have in your side office that’s older than time and you’ve lovingly named Betsy, but the fact is, in this modern age of business you do. Every modern business — regardless of enterprise — utilizes documents to keep themselves going. Business documentation is the cornerstone of every business these days, and a good document management system is at the heart of every successful business.

Gone are the days of paper and ink. These days every document is a simple line of code, and these lines of code are more easily lost than made or found again. That’s why document management must be a key priority for any business. And what could be more vital to maintain and keep organized than those documents that prove and uphold agreements and contracts? With DocuSign integration, contracts and agreement documents are all in one place, easily organized and ready to be found without fear of misplacement or loss.

This also has important security implications. If everything is in one place, that means it’s only where it needs to be and nowhere else.


lock symbolizing security

In the past, when documents needed signing, both parties would have to have printed copies of the document that would then be signed, scanned and emailed to the next party. This makes for a lot of copies of potentially sensitive documents. It also means the transfer of these documents — usually through email — was incredibly insecure.

DocuSign integration means the end of these insecure practice and potential threats to your business. DocuSign integration is the only eSignature system that offers a fully encrypted transfer network. As they say themselves: Security is in their blood. The company itself holds security to a high standard to make sure your documents maintain their vital security, and are committed to the protection of your data.

Even more than the actual security measures DocuSign implements, DocuSign integration — and the feeling of security it offers — can have enormous implications for user experience (UX) for your company and its clients.



What could be more important than security? Well, for many people, it's the feeling of being secure. Take the TSA as an example. We all secretly expected security lines at the airport are more performance art than anything else, and in fact, it’s been confirmed by former TSA agents multiple times. The body scans are easily manipulated; the x-rays mistake your iPhone for a bomb; only brown people get ‘randomly’ searched. The whole process doesn’t actually do anything, but imagine going to the airport and there not being anything between you and the plane. Most people wouldn’t get on that plane.

For a lot of people, it doesn’t matter how much actual security there is; it’s all about how much security they feel. So even if DocuSign integration can offer your partners and clients real working security, they need to feel secure. A quick search online can tell you many people don’t feel secure using most eSignature applications. The act of leaving a home site to access a separate system and then put your signature — akin to your own DNA — into that system, which you’ve not been interacting with throughout the entire process of agreement, is scary. Though DocuSign offers an incredible level of security — practically the highest standard in the eSignature industry — it offers very little to UX.

This is where the DocuSign integration experts at Savvior can help. With their years of experience helping clients integrate DocuSign into their existing systems, Savvior has found a way to seamlessly imbed the same DocuSign application into your existing website. This means your partners and clients can stay on your site and receive all the benefits of DocuSign integration while feeling more secure in it. This has incredible implications for UX and your business’ success using DocuSign.

DocuSign integration is the way businesses of the future are making sure the agreement process is kept organized, secure and user friendly. To not use DocuSign services is to hobble your business’ potential and take the steps to a better work flow network. Talk to the experts at Savvior to see how DocuSign integration can be implemented for your business so you can keep up with the fast paced industry standards of the modern age.