Hope to see you at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center on Wednesday, October 18th for "I Love it When You Call Me Big Data". Savvior will be presenting, "Knowledge Mastery: How Arconic and Savvior are Eliminating Collaboration Challenges, Uncovering Hidden Data, and Erasing Knowledge Gaps."

Arconic is a globally-recognized leader in manufacturing, and innovations in technology, products, and business models. Wrestling with classic knowledge management problems often experienced by global-multinational corporations, especially one with over 125 years of data and locations and employees worldwide, Arconic turned to Savvior to re-imagine knowledge management. 

The inherit collaboration challenges in large organizations waste incredible time and money, frustrate employees, can be a compliance issue, and limit productivity. To optimize knowledge across the enterprise, it's essential to free data hidden in spreadsheets, legacy data systems, employees’ minds and lost in chains of emails, and turn data into useful information for employees.

The OmniView KMS™ amalgamates a state-of-the-art combination of search, reporting, machine-powered decisions, and employee research and wiki collaboration. It erases the knowledge gap between the most senior internal employee and a brand-new hire. Come see how Arconic and other global leaders are leveraging it's power.