We're excited to have Nick LaDieu present to the Computer Science students at University of Pittsburgh Friday 2/12:

Brown Bag Workshop Tomorrow!!

Cookies and Drinks for all!

Meet the CTO of Savvior!

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Nick brings forward over 16 years of programming, technology, and business growth experience to his role as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Operations Delivery for Savvior. Nick leads Savvior's design and development teams, and has been the chief architect of complex technology solutions in use at some of the world's largest corporations since the 1990s.

Some of Nick's products include: The Commercial Project Management Tool™ (CPMT) for Rolls-Royce Energy, a complex multi-module system is responsible for end-to-end project and process management within the entire organization, and has hundreds of worldwide users; PowerBuy™, a real-time reverse auction tool with several industry patents currently in use by Direct Energy. PowerBuy™ processes real-time, million-dollar deals and requires multiple firewalled real-time data connections; Broker Portal™, in use at Direct Energy, which allows Sales Channels to gain access to current pricing information and interfaces with multiple internal systems, and SavviCMS™, Savvior's proprietary content management system, currently powering a plethora of websites.

As a Partner in Savvior, Nick has been instrumental in developing the company's breadth and depth of technical development capabilities and user experience skills. Nick works closely with Savvior clients to ensure the company's approach and recommended products and solutions best serve the business and technology challenges.

For Savvior's clients, Nick administers the SavviTrack™ methodology, Savvior's four-stage development process: Discovery, User Experience & Visual Design, Development & Implementation and Quality Assurance, to ensure smooth assessment and deliverables on all projects.

In addition to designing complex technology solutions, Nick is a great chef and self-admitted 'foodie', and recently authored the book You Can Afford Grass-Fed Beef. Nick also serves as Partner/CTO for RKNC Investment Club, focused on the NASDAQ options market.