Why Large Enterprises in Pittsburgh Should Invest in SEO

A common misconception among large businesses is that they are too large and mighty to need search engine optimization -- simply having a website with over one million pages is enough. But think again. Enterprise SEO is just as important as small business SEO for a variety of reasons that, frankly, your business cannot afford to miss out on. Here we’ll outline how much value is added to business in Pittsburgh through Search Engine Optimization, laying out while even large businesses need to invest in SEO.

Ranking for More Keywords Can Attract New Customers

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First and foremost, it’s important to note that businesses that rank for a variety of keywords are more likely to be found not only by existing customers, but by new customers. If someone Googles “Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization,” for instance, in hope that they’d find a business to manage their content creation and web development, the results would also want to make sure they rank well for “Pittsburgh content creation” and “Pittsburgh web development.” By diversifying the keywords in which you rank for, you’re more likely to be found by someone looking to utilize parts of your business.

Sites with More Pages Tend to Rank Better

As an automatic advantage to being a large business with a large website, Google tends to rank large website with many pages better than smaller sites. This, of course, stems from the idea that this multitude of pages can cater to a variety of people and what they are searching for. But this also means that each individual page needs specific attention to be properly optimized. However, if you have too many pages that don’t add SEO value, you dilute your domain value as a whole, making it extremely important that each individual page adds SEO value to your site by providing people with rich, interesting content.

Change Takes a While

A problem many businesses encounter with enterprise SEO is that the task of search engine optimization is much too large and time consuming for them. But just because taking the time to make necessary changes your your webpages is time consuming doesn’t make it any less important. That’s what many businesses invest in outsourcing their enterprise SEO to a company that can work more efficiently with the time and resources provided.

Businesses Need to Invest in Technology Before they get Left Behind

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We once heard a wise tale about two companies called Blockbuster and Netflix (you may have heard of them). Back in 2000, Blockbuster had the opportunity to purchase Netflix for $50 million but was not ready to take on the challenge of a more advanced technology and mode of delivery to users. Netflix’s market value is now over $150 billion and Blockbuster… well, we all know what happened to Blockbuster.

The lesson we take away from this is that businesses need to invest when and where it matters. As SEO becomes an increasingly important aspect of a business’s digital marketing strategy, smaller businesses have the potential to attract attention from larger companies with only a small investment. Investing in enterprise SEO is important in making sure your large business gets ahead and stays ahead. Additionally, since SEO is often the primary source of website traffic, it’s important to make sure that you utilize the value of SEO.

SEO Builds Trust

Think of it this way; Google is also a business. Google, to maintain its brand, wants to make sure that users trust the information they are delivering with every search, leaving Google with the responsibility of delivering the best content they can - which is a huge basis for which SEO as a concept is founded upon. A business that ranks well on Google delivers this same notion of trust to the person utilizing the search engine. Therefore, investing in SEO sets your health insurance company, bank, or other large business ahead of the rest in terms of public trust.

Site Speed Matters

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Google has indicated that page speed plays a role in search engine optimization. This means that pages with slow load speeds (which you can check using this tool) will not rank as well on Google and make it harder for people to find. Investing in SEO will allow professionals to take the time to go through and compress files, minimize redirects, and improve server response times so that slow page speeds are not what lowers your ranking.

Local SEO is Growing

Studies show that 46% of Google searches have local intent -- or in other words, people are searching for businesses “near me” or “in [their desired location].” What this means for businesses is that search engine optimization efforts must be focused on small-scale areas rather than nation or worldwide in order to reach a large portion of your customer base. This task - especially if you serve a large area - can be lengthy and time consuming for your in-house marketing team. Outsourcing your local SEO to a larger agency can allow you to better utilize your internal resources.

If You’re Not on Page One, You’re on Page None

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As most people who use Google know, search engine users seldom venture part page one. As a matter of fact, page 2 of any Google search gets only 4.8% of search traffic on average. In order to take advantage of the overwhelming majority of web traffic that first page websites receive, you must invest in search engine optimization, regardless of your company’s size or stature.

Many large enterprises follow the misconception that investing in search engine optimization is unnecessary because the business is too large to fail. However, this mindset is one for enterprises complacent with the state in which their business currently exists, fearing growth and expansion. For large businesses ready to take the first step in growing their Pittsburgh search engine optimization, get in contact with Savvior -- we will take the time to help your large business in Pittsburgh search engine optimization efforts the way we would manage our own.