Implementing Content Management Systems in JIRA



As any business owner or executive could tell you: it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up and stay organized in the modern business environment. That’s why the software businesses choose to use can mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. How are you managing projects? How are you organizing assignments? What platform are you using to stay ahead of the competition? These are all questions business owners need to be asking, and in this day and age, the answer is the latest software.

If you aren’t trained or experienced in the world of software development, it can become incredibly difficult to stay afloat. That’s where Savvior hopes to come in. Let our team of experts help you determine how best to manage your content creation systems. For us, the answer is always JIRA by Atlassian. Here’s how you can use CMS JIRA to stay ahead of your projects and reach your potential.  

What is CMS

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Simply, CMS stands for Content Management System. This can be any platform that helps you create, edit, organize, and/or publish the content your business produces. This usually means web content like blog posts, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Currently, a business’ CMS is typically just the platform on which their webpage is being created. Software like Wordpress allows the process of designing and creating a website to integrate with the process of producing and posting content on that page.

There’s a problem with this, however. CMS platforms like Wordpress don’t typically have the kind of organizing potential to handle disparate team members across multiple offices and maybe even multiple locations. Managing content creation projects is done outside the software used to create and post the content. That’s a problem for a lot of project managers trying to stay on top of deadlines. Making sure workflows run smoothly is synonymous to saving time and money, and with CMS platforms like Wordpress, that’s difficult.

What is JIRA

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JIRA is the answer any project management challenge businesses of the past struggled with. With JIRA Workflows, project managers are able to keep deadlines, requirements, and those responsible for them organized and running like a well oiled machine, regardless of physical distance or disparity.

By using JIRA software, businesses are able to streamline any project and workflow process. That would include content creation projects. While it isn’t possible to create content on JIRA systems yet, integrating CMS with JIRA can be the answer to all those difficulties businesses face when trying to stay on top of content creation teams not suitable for single-user based CMS platforms.

How to use CMS JIRA

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There are a number of ways your business can optimize the Atlassian software to fit your CMS needs. CMS JIRA is fully customizable so the Status of the projects -- and the Transitions between those Statuses -- are completely up to you. Whatever your needs are, CMS JIRA can make it happen.

That being said, it can be difficult to customize your own software on your own. That’s why Savvior is here to help.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. There are already a number of people who have found ways to optimize JIRA for CMS purposes. That your business could use as a launching point for your customized CMS JIRA workflow. The key is to consider the stages a project goes through from start to finish. Each stage will be a ‘Status”. What needs to happen for your project to get from one ‘Status’ to the next? These will be your ‘Transitions’. CMS JIRA has resources available so you and your CMS team can craft the perfect CMS JIRA workflow chart.

Even with these resources, this can all still be daunting -- especially if you don’t know what exactly it is you and your team needs. So let Savvior do it. Our team of CMS JIRA experts can sit down with your content management team and determine exactly how CMS JIRA can propel your next project further than you ever thought possible.