Content without access is worthless. If your organization is like most, you’ve important information in various file systems, email, intranets, document management systems, and of course, databases. The larger the organization, the more this becomes a compounding problem.

One of Europe’s top enterprise search experts, Kristian Norling, recently was quoted as saying, “One of the most important elements of Search and Findability is not only the ability to locate information efficiently, but also the capability to find the right information—information that is correct, updated and usable.”

There are numerous tools and methods, spanning a wide swath of cost and functionality, available to master enterprise search. There are a number of key factors to consider when evaluating options including:

  • Compatibility of technology stack
  • Data storage
  • Open source vs. proprietary? Combination of the two?
  • Content management solution compatibility
  • Customization options 

Learn more about what role scalability, user experience, and indexing play in this process.