How a Network Audit from Savvior Can Help Your Business


In this new age of technology, some business owners are finding themselves overwhelmed by their own system networks. Even for small businesses, controlling every aspect of the behemoth that a business can become and your system network is no exception. Across the board, clients of the IT consulting experts at Savvior have reported their networks taking on lives of their own. New devices, hardware, software all being added to your network even without your knowing it.

These extra network add ons can be frustrating -- they may even bog down your workflow processes -- but what you really need to worry about is compliance. Your company’s network compliance is important for maintaining private company policies, but it’s also important for maintaining your various software licenses. If you find your network isn’t compliant with these licensing agreements, you could find your licenses being revoked; this could leave you paralysed as a business.

The way to prevent such a catastrophe? network auditing from the IT consulting experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior.

But what would such an audit entail? Let’s take a look at what the average network audit would entail for a client of the IT consulting experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior.

The Breakdown

Code analysis

The IT consulting experts at Savvior’s Pittsburgh office want to see their partners and clients at their full potential; that’s why they offer comprehensive -- and extensive -- network audits so you can be sure you’re where you need to be. Savvior will provide findings of this audit, of course, but they will also provide their IT consulting team’s expert recommendations for design and performance enhancements. These will be related to application performance, and ways to maximize return on the existing investment and future growth. Ultimately, the IT consulting experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior will provide their clients with a network audit/assessment of current voice, data and print infrastructure. This will include an assessment of risks based on hardware, software and communications. And from these, they will propose a path for update and upgrade.

The IT consulting team at Pittsburgh’s Savvior have a tried and tested method of collecting the necessary auditing data. Through a combination of technological network testing and interpersonal interviews with key staff and management, our team can determine where you business finds itself regarding network depth and capabilities. From there we can determine what needs to be done and what improvements can find your business at its peak performance. All of these findings and recommendations will be pulled from:

  • Interviews with IT Staff and Accounting/Contract managers

  • Investigation of selected router configurations

  • Analysis of the Network Audit and Baseline results

  • Results of various network diagnostic software

  • Personal observations of processes and capabilities


From these sources the IT consulting experts at Pittsburgh’s Savvior can produce a number of network audit overviews to give you and your team a blueprint of the system you’re working with. These overviews include:

  • High level network architecture overview

  • Mid-level communications overview

  • Server infrastructure overview

  • PC/printer level overview

This different snapshots of the different levels of network business you and your team are running will be the perfect tools to begin future development. Each can be broken down into their component pieces.

analyzing and planning

High Level network architecture overview

1. Map out existing data infrastructure

2. Gather contracts and agreements from ISP’s on connectivity to internet and point

to point communications

3. Gather configurations from gateway router and firewalls

4. Configurations from other locations

5. Gather voice system information, contracts and agreements

Mid?Level communications overview

1. Gather detail on network hardware behind the firewall

2. Go over voice and data switch detail, wireless infrastructure, age, usage and risk

3. Capture hardware configurations

4. Gather support contracts and agreements

5. Draw and map connectivity, internal, external and site to site.

Server Infrastructure overview

1. Run a server inventory hardware scan to capture all server devices

2. Gather support contracts and agreements

3. Audit software and licensing

4. Run Risk assessment based on hardware and software age, vulnerabilities, and observations

5. Evaluate upgrade migration potential

6. Asses data storage capabilities, accessibility, and security

7. Gather documentation on Backups and Disaster Recovery

8. Go over security software and logs

9. Asses power to equipment i.e. UPS/Generator

PC/Printer Level Overview

1. Run an inventory audit scan on each subnet of each location.

2. Gather details of all hardware that is discovered

3. Asses age of PC’s, versions and operating systems

4. Gather details of installed software, age of applications

5. Gather details and usage on Printers, Copiers and Fax machines

6. Audit security policies of PC’s and security software

7. Run risk assessment, lifecycle, upgrade potential of PC environment

With these blueprints in place, and the recommendations of the IT consulting experts at Savvior’s Pittsburgh office your business will know exactly where you are so you can know how to move forward. Contact our team of experienced experts today to see how a network audit can see your business reaching new heights.