Finding Solutions to Frustrating CRMs


The key to every successful business is maintaining a positive relationship with other companies and clients, both past and present. But for large enterprises, it’s not always easy to stay in tune with the professional relationship you’ve built isn’t easy. That’s where a CRM, or customer relationship management system, comes into play, enabling you to streamline interactions with valuable players in your business’s gameplan to success. However, these CRMs often cause frustration for businesses. That’s why Savvior, Pittsburgh’s enterprise software solutions expert - has broken it down for you, showing you how we use our experience in the field to introduce innovative solutions to CRM systems

What is a CRM and What Does it Do?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, is the technology used to organize and manage relationships with past customers and other businesses for stronger business relationships. Using a variety of technologies to manage external interactions, CRMs provide easy access to date in one location, leading to a streamlined experience on both the company and customer end in contact and sales management, customer service, productivity and more.

There a variety of benefits that a CRM brings to a company’s business process automation plan. Some of the greatest benefits include:

  • Improved bottom line

  • Simplified lead identification

  • Increases customer referrals

  • Better customer support

  • Optimized products and services

These benefits, focused around the actions that stem from improving how your company interacts with customers, help your business grow. Prediction says that by 2021, the highest revenue area in enterprise software spending will be in CRMs. However, customer relationship management systems often lead to a variety of frustrations, making it important to ensure that you properly plan your business process automation fully and carefully.

Problems Often Encountered Regarding CRMs

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Though CRMs are designed to streamline customer relationship management as a whole, companies often experience a variety of problems with their CRMs which, in turn, make their lives harder. Some of these issues include:

  • Expensive: many businesses have difficulty demonstrating value of increased productivity after a rollout

  • User Unfriendly: CRMs are difficult to customize, and are often not systems that employees enjoy using

  • Limited Access: employees often encounter limited access to the back-office data they need to make sales, reports, and more.

  • Slow Interface: a slow interface on a CRM has made closing sales difficult for salespersons within many enterprises, slowing down sales activity as a whole

With so many issues being caused by an ineffective CRM - issues which are supposed to be SOLVED by a CRM makes them a point of stress for many businesses, their employees, and their clients. So we at Savvior ask: how can we make CRMs work for you and your business’s unique needs? We’ve got your answer.

How Savvior is the Answer to Your CRM Prayers

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CRM pitfalls like those aforementioned are avoidable. There is a highly-flexible, easily-customized CRM, with a great user experience, that embraces existing processes and integrates to practically any back office system, including email, and connects into both structured and unstructured data. With improved accessibility and speed, your CRM frustrations are solved with SavviCRM™. Some of the impressive features include:

  • Track sales and ROI

  • Manage events and event payment

  • Integrate company calendars

  • User-friendly dashboards

  • Secure sharing

  • Back-office CRm support

  • And so much more!

We’re confident that our CRM is the answer to your enterprise’s frustrations. Learn more about SavviCRM™ or get in contact with Savvior to learn how our CRM takes a new approach to streamlined customer relationship management.