Deploying Centralized Data Management for CMR Group

Large companies face a unique set of issues that small businesses will simply never confront. Communications as a small business - even when you have more than one location - tend to be managed through a few spreadsheets at the management level. But managing data on a global scale is a whole different ballgame; with communications and data processing across oceans, across languages, and between every department of the company itself, enterprises need to be strategic in the way they manage data. At Savvior, we understand the challenges that large businesses and corporations face, which is why we use our skillset as leaders in IT consulting Pittsburgh to provide solutions to businesses across the globe. In order to demonstrate the value of our services, we’re here to dive into a case study of CMR Group, breaking down how we centralized their data to provide long-term benefits to this globalized enterprise.

The Problem: High-Volume Global Data Management

Who is CMR Group and How Could IT Consulting Pittsburgh Help?

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CMR Group is a globalized company with more than 750 employees in North America, Europe, and across Asia. As leaders in engineering instrumentation, control, and automation tactics for engines, nuclear power, oil and gas, and machinery, CMR Group develops innovative control solutions that aid in the daily processes of various types of industry. The industries that CMR Group serves are heavily dynamic and subject to change as new technologies develop, leaving CMR Group in a position where it is important to be strategic in the way in which they develop materials and solutions for their industries.

With millions of dollars worth of inventory spread across the globe, CMR was in a bind; the company lacked a strong, centralized internal data management system that allows for seamless communication across the globe. Inventory numbers were not matching up at holding centers, leading to excess and sometimes unaccounted for product, which could cost the company millions of dollar if not controlled. CMR Group was in need of a single location for data management that could provide access to inventory numbers while simultaneously breaking through language barriers. CMR Group approached Savvior - leaders in IT Consulting Pittsburgh - to see what solutions they could present to prevent a crisis within the company.

Innovative Problem-Solving from the Experts in IT Consulting Pittsburgh

How Savvior Tackled CMR Group’s Data Centralization Problem

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Aware that a primary issue for CMR Group was the inability to ensure inventory numbers from various parts of the world, Savvior knew that CMR Group was in need of a way to centralize data for real-time access that could break through language barriers for quick recall. With data centralization, information on warehouse and business currently in progress would be easily communicable, ensuring proper product skews and easy management oversight.

Savvior decided to tackle this issue with a zip code and multi-lingual product database that could manage product inventory more efficiently. CMR Group employees across the globe would then have access to on-the-fly PDFs for rapid product information access and the ability to create updates on inventory, demand, and processing development to ensure even a global business could function like one cohesive, well-oiled machine

Savvior also created strategic reports for large-scale understanding in decision making. This allowed warehouse inventories to be closely monitored to ensure that aging and depreciation of the current inventory could be monitored and product duplication could be avoided. In the process, Savvior implemented a CMS for the website as well to allow for easy front and back end management of product listings for both clients and developers.

Results: How Data Centralization and Management Led to Lasting Results

A Look into the Benefits that IT Consulting Pittsburgh Brought to CMR Group

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Once Savvior developed and implemented a data centralization frame for CMR Group, the company on a global scale was able to see nearly-instantaneous results. Despite a small learning curve - overseen by Savvior developers themselves - CMR Group employees were quickly and effectively able to access inventory information, creating more detailed reports and an in-depth understanding of the development and implementation process occurring across the globe. These benefits are sure to show long-term effects in minimizing excess inventory and development costs, allowing enterprise spending to be reallocated to improving company life or developing more cutting-edge technologies for their clients.

Additionally, the process increased SEO by 115% for CMR Group: a result that will consistently help other businesses find and utilize CMR Group’s services over time. CMR Group is now working with Savvior toward online bill pay, e-commerce, and a single sign-on solution for Internet, Intranet and Extranet for customers, employees, and partners.


It’s clear that businesses like CMR Group can see incredible benefits from data centralization and management. Contact us today to learn how Savvior - the experts of IT Consulting Pittsburgh - can help your local or globalized business improve business processes today.