...and increase digital literacy. It’s an exceptionally complex time to be a CMO, trying to predict disruptive technologies and their possible impact, gauging and navigating the influence of new technologies like the Internet of Things, and mobile apps, and cloud computing, and being willing and able to reinvent the business to explore and leverage new, recurring revenue streams.

In this excellent report from IBM on the CMO perspective, these points and more are expounded on in deep and meaningful ways.

The CMO’s life is no longer about talking to marketing people about traditional marketing strategy and execution. The call is to become more digitally literate and be responsible for mapping the entire customer experience across all people, technology, and process touchpoints.

Brand authenticity has always been important, but today’s CMO needs to develop customer-centric, holistic experiences which are aligned to the brand promise. As the IBM study points out, the CMO is becoming the “chief listener” of the customer and the “chief experience officer”, and dedicating him/herself to owning the entire engagement experience with a 1:1 focus on the customer.

Other major challenges and opportunities include industry convergence and the move away from emphasis on mere product and service quality to a cross-sector customer experience.  

¾ of these CMOs also know they can’t do it alone, and need the help of specialty consultants to succeed in navigating these changing waters. Let’s face it, as we’ve talked about here on the SavviBlog before, it comes down to DNA. You simply can’t wave a magic wand and find CMOs who are inherently great at understanding all the nuances of technology, and overnight turn in to ‘math men’ after being trained, skilled, and experienced as ‘mad men’ all these years.

Savvior helps the CMO bridge the gap between the business challenges and technology. We work collaboratively with some of the world’s leading companies to handle the changing landscape of digital marketing and the software, systems and processes that are involved. We also help bridge the gap between the CMO and CIO. Just as CMOs can’t magically morph in to ‘math men’, CIOs aren’t suddenly going to morph into empathetic, brand evangelists who repurpose all their energy and resources on implementing technologies that drive marketing. They’re too busy and understaffed as it is. Again, that’s where we help. Getting more out of the systems already in place with our business and software solutions.

Many of today’s CMOs are using predictive and prescriptive analytics, but haven’t yet ventured into cognitive computing/machine learning.  Savvior is leading data integration and machine learning efforts for leaders in a number of key industries. We help the CMO leverage all that these areas can bring the business, while they focus on the entire customer engagement arc. Savvior helps the CMO get the wins the business needs; tactical, technical solutions to business problems, across the chasm of web and mobile, and integrate with the data that powers marketing’s purpose. 

As customers become the architects of tomorrow’s products, services, and cross-sector experiences, we’re here to help the CMO gain and maintain a competitive edge. Interested in how we may help? Reach out to us today.