This great article in Fourth Source illustrates some of the huge challenges that CMOs and CIOs are having currently with data sources, types and structures.

CMOs are looking to deliver on multi-channel customer experiences, and need the ability to get to, and analyze data. The speed in which this happens is crucial, especially when interacting with customers in real-time, as well as evaluating longer-term customer behaviors. 

One big challenges is older technologies that are in place at so many organizations weren’t designed for horizontal distribution across numerous servers and data centers. NOSql databases may provide an answer to this challenge. 

As the CMO continues to make more and more technology decisions as marketing continues to evolve in the digital world, it’s critical to work with a team who can help you navigate these types of challenges, and ensure you’re able to get a single view of the customer, but also play nice with existing systems.

Savvior can help. We have tons of experience helping some of the world’s largest companies deal with these challenges. Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more!