Is this CRM really for us? Far too many organizations ask this question, and struggle when it comes to evaluating and implementing the right CRM.  

So many CRMs are too expensive and complicated, and many organizations have trouble demonstrating direct value in increasing productivity and sales after the rollout. 

It's hard deciphering which features make sense, and which ones are overkill—most CRMs are very difficult to customize, too. Other CRM pitfalls include selecting a system that employees dislike using, and end up reverting to managing critical sales management functions in Excel spreadsheets. That’s a real waste of time and money!

Recent trends show many organizations who’ve invested in leading CRMs, yet are still losing important sales deals because teams don't have real-time access to back-office data like inventory, shipping and accounting information. Many high value sales team members also complain about CRMs that slow down actual sales activity and have sub-par and inflexible user experiences. Slow deal closing and losing deals leads to salesperson attrition! 

These CRM pitfalls are avoidable. There is a highly-flexible, easily-customized CRM, with a great user experience, that embraces existing processes and integrates to practically any back office system, including email, and connects into both structured and unstructured data... Read more about this groundbreaking new CRM.