Business Process Automation in Practice: What BPA Looks like in the Workplace


At the core of every business are the drive and hustle to want to grow and improve every day on both an individual and company-wide level. To be the best in your industry, there’s constant pressure to keep up with the big dogs, using industry-leading best practices and cutting-edge technologies to lower your bottom line and make your processes flow with efficiency. Business process automation is more than just a buzzword; it’s the methods necessary for companies to be industry leaders, make better use of human capital, and streamline processes on all levels of the business. But what does business process automation (BPA) look like in practice, and what benefits does it bring to each level of your business? Savvior - a leader among tech companies in Pittsburgh - is here to break it down for you.

What is Business Process Automation and How Can It Help My Business?

A Breakdown of How Tech Companies in Pittsburgh like Savvior Use BPA to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Business process automation involves the use of technology to streamline the way in which business functions on a day-to-day level. This frequently involves the automation of recurring tasks and processes which - with the practical use of modern technology - manual labor can be replaced. This, in turn, reduces costs, increases efficiency, and allows for a simpler process for business processes as a whole.

A major concern in business process automation is that it reduces jobs for the employees currently carrying out these lower-level, repetitive tasks. However, these processes allow for human capital to be reallocated to higher-level tasks. This reduces both employee burnout and the frequency of human error that frequently occurs in manual processes.

Where Can Tech Companies in Pittsburgh Apply BPA in the Workplace?



Business process automation is frequently used in the onboarding process due to the number of low-level tasks involved. The onboarding process involves a meticulous process of filling out forms, setting up training sessions, completing relevant tax documents, setting up direct deposit, and matching new employees with mentors. Business process automation in the automation process makes transitions simple while keeping all necessary parties - mentors, managers, and payroll - in the loop, creating a transparent process. Additionally, since many businesses offer different types of employment (hourly, salaried, and contract), BPA can help mitigate errors in the onboarding process caused by miscommunication.

Purchase orders

In large companies, various departments often work together to reach a common goal. While this process is efficient due to specialization, it often leads to a disjointed process and low visibility into the needs of each individual department. Business process automation can help manage purchase orders between departments, streamlining the communication and approval when purchasing much-needed supplies to accomplish the day-to-day tasks of the department. BPA would cut down approval times, increase intra-department productivity, and help retain a record of the purchase order process. This improves accountability while decreasing errors in the purchase orders as a whole.


If you run an e-commerce website, chances are you have a small team dedicated exclusively to customer support. Some software allows you to automate responses for the most pressing of helpdesk issues, which in turn allows your support team to focus on more pressing issues. Business process automation help manage the influx of customer service complaints during turbulent times, expand on your capabilities in dealing with customer service, and improve customer satisfaction. These effects provide long-term benefits in customer retention and brand reputation, which can help increase sales over time.

Data Backup and Storage

A major problem that many large corporations face is managing the massive amount of data they come into contact with on a daily basis. This information is often vital in maintaining security and ensuring proper function down the road, which is why many corporations turn to business process automation to manage data backup, storage, and recall. BPA can help to centralize data storage so that it accessible from a multi-level standpoint and ensure that it is always backed up for long-term smooth functioning business.


Business process automation is frequently applied to the payroll processes of large businesses as well as multi-site SMBs. Payroll is a great place to capitalize on the benefits of business process automation because it is repetitive, tedious, and naturally based on computers. Minimizing the amount of time spent working through multi-site communications, exporting in different formats, and waiting for updates and approval, your payroll process can be seriously streamlined in a relatively simple process from tech companies in Pittsburgh. Not only is the payroll process made easier, but it minimizes human error in one of the places it matters most: your employees’ satisfaction.


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