Savvior’s Top Wordpress Solutions That Work

Companies are often forced to comb through dozens of businesses offering website design services before finding one that can properly cater to their needs and provide a website that accurately reflects their vision. This search often becomes tedious as each company’s listed benefits and services begin to blend together. It can be especially difficult for companies or users who aren’t familiar with web design platforms in general. How do they decide which one is supposed to be the “best” for their business? 

One popular company that offers web design services is WordPress, which we will be breaking down for you. We will also be going over the various ways that Savvior’s WordPress solutions for Pittsburgh companies can best benefit them.

Why Most Companies Love Using WordPress 

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Did you know that WordPress is the world’s most popular open source Content Management System (CMS)? Companies love the platform for its flexible interface, easy installation process, and the thousands of plug-ins and templates it offers, which companies can use to save time and money on development and deployment. Plus, employees can be easily trained to use the system.

Savvior’s team of user experience design experts and developers are armed with exceptional experience and knowledge to help you set up a WordPress site that best suits your business’s needs. 

How Savvior Can Use WordPress for All of Your Website Needs

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While WordPress’s many benefits help position it as a top choice for professional web developers to use, inexperienced designers can accidentally slow a page’s loading speed by using too many plug-ins, which in turn will hurt a website’s Google search ranking. 

But with Savvior’s team of WordPress experts, who hold years of experience implementing WordPress solutions for Pittsburgh clients, you can be assured that your WordPress plug-ins and implementations are developed for maximum performance. 

Savvior is experienced with:

  • Customizing themes

  • Designing new WordPress themes

  • Training employees to use the interface

Common WordPress Issues

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While WordPress excels in providing an easy website set up for developers, it still comes with some pitfalls. Security is a common concern for any WordPress installation. Luckily, Savvior is well-versed in maintaining top-tier security for its clients. Below are several security issues that Savvior is experienced with preventing. 

Brute Force Attacks

A hacker will perform a brute force attack on a WordPress website by using thousands of possible username and password combinations to break in. Rather than typing out every imaginable combination they can think of, they will use a sophisticated software program designed to generate combinations automatically. 

File Inclusion Exploits

File inclusion exploits occur when a hacker breaks into a website by taking advantage of its poorly-written web applications. They are then given access to files on a remote host, and can sometimes even run code on the target site. 

SQL Injections

A hacker will perform an SQL injection by finding vulnerable user inputs within a web page. Once they enter their target web page or application, they can find user credentials. They will likely then impersonate them in order to obtain more sensitive information within the website. 

Weak Passwords and No 2 Factor Authentication

The best way for a company to make itself vulnerable to hackers is by using weak, easy-to-guess passwords such as “12345” or “password1” and by not bothering to require 2-factor authentication for employees. Make sure both you and your employees use long passwords containing multiple symbols and number so that it is harder for both hackers and machines to hack into your servers by guessing alone. 

Insecure URLs

Since WordPress runs on a database-backed platform that executes numerous PHP server-side-scripts, it is vulnerable to URL injection. Hackers will take advantage of these insecure URLs by using commands from a WordPress URL to manipulate an online database. They will then create new pages that contain dangerous code or spam links, making your website a security risk for visitors. 

Using out of date, untrustworthy, or poorly written plugins

In November of 2018, a wave of hacking attempts against WordPress was detected. Hackers used the WordPress GDPR Compliance plug-in as well as AMP for WordPress plug-in that over 100,000 sites used. 

Conclusion and Final Thoughts 

Do you want a WordPress site that loads extremely fast, is safe from hackers, and is completely optimized using SEO best practices? 

Other companies may attempt to get away with installing dozens of 3rd party plug-ins, which will make it difficult for you to update your website to accommodate newer and more secure versions of WordPress in the future. Savvior is different. Our team of expert programmers has worked with many local Pittsburgh businesses, and even a few fortune 500 companies, to create a sustainable, secure WordPress site. For more information on Savvior WordPress Solutions for Pittsburgh businesses, contact one of our team members today.