5 Benefits Of Responsive Design

The days of redirecting mobile users to a watered down version of your website are officially over. The IT consulting experts at Savvior’s Pittsburgh office always recommend responsive design to our clients, but what does that mean?

Responsive design is the ability of a design to adapt to changes in screen size. By designing your website or mobile applications using responsive design you can maintain one website and one set of content and have it formatted for any device that views it. That includes desktops, tablets, smartphones, even some refrigerators.

Let’s take a look at 5 things a responsively designed website can do for your business.

  1. Improve Your SEO

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Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the beating heart of your business’ online presence. Without it, there’s almost no point in having a website. And did you know that Google prefers responsive design?

Google officially recommends responsive design as the best way to target mobile users and favors mobile optimized sites when ranking websites. This means your site will perform better on Google if it is using responsive design. Being at the top of the search results lists is like being king of the hill. It’s almost 2020; you can’t expect people to scroll anymore. We want it now. Being at the top of the list means your site is up front and center -- no tiresome scrolling needed.

  1. Retain Your Site’s Visitors

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The IT consulting experts in Savvior’s Pittsburgh office agree: responsive design combats high bounce rates. Mobile users do not like to be forced to view a watered down version of a website. They will generally leave -- or "bounce" -- an incomplete mobile website, or a website that is not formatted for mobile devices.  Google interprets this bounce rate as your site not offering quality content, and therefore will demote you in the search engine rankings (think of that precious SEO).

A responsively designed site will fix this issue by giving your users the full content of your website while maintaining respect for their devices by formatting it in an easy to read and accessible way.  You will retain your website visitors better and enhance your SEO.

  1. Improve User Experience

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A better user experience means better business. Let’s be honest, you likely aren’t the only business doing what you do. You’re also not likely the only business doing what you do where you’re doing it and with a website. If your site isn’t providing the same -- or better -- user experience as your competitors, you can kiss those visitors (potential customers) goodbye.  

Savvior’s IT consulting team in Pittsburgh knows that a responsive design is designed for the user and offers the best user experience. No matter what device or tablet the user owns the content will size itself to that resolution and look great all while offering the full experience of the website.  A responsive designed site shows that you are aware of the latest technologies and are presenting your users with the latest and greatest experience that can be offered.

  1. Reduce Development Costs

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In the past you had to develop multiple versions of the same website, all targeted at different platforms. There was a code for desktop, a code for smartphone, one for tablets, another for certain refrigerators just to cover the field. Now with responsive design, Savvior’s IT consulting team in Pittsburgh can develop one code and deploy simultaneously to multiple devices and your site will look great! In addition to being easier to develop, responsive sites cost much less to maintain since you only have one code base to worry about.

  1. Increase Mobile Sales

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All of this adds up to one thing: better business. Mobile sales have reached 50 billion dollars, and you and your business need a slice of that pie. The increased SEO value; the better user experience; the higher likelihood of client attraction and retention, and the cost effectiveness of responsive design all lend themselves to increases in your business’ mobile sales. Savvior’s IT consulting team in Pittsburgh isn’t just talking about some way to appeal to a few tech-crazed nerds who might stumble onto your site; these are very real user preferences that result in very real profit fluctuations. Are you going to be fluctuating up? Or down?

Savvior’s team of IT consulting professions located in Pittsburgh, PA can cut the time and expense of bringing your website or application to mobile devices. By creating one design that will format itself for multiple devices your business saves time and money with Savvior.  We can single source your content and code and deploy your project to the browser and multiple app stores and devices without spending extra budget creating multiple versions of your site.

This also creates a better user experience. Mobile users are often frustrated that the mobile websites they are redirected to will have only a limited set of content vs the full ones. This practice is called making your mobile site a "jail". Let Savvior free your users from the poor mobile designs of the past. We’ll help you improve user experience until your business is seeing real results!