3 Telltale Signs That Your Business Operations Need Help Into a 21st-century Digital Shift


In the digital age, businesses are forced to choose between digitizing their networks or dying out. In order to keep up with the competition, businesses need to implement digital strategies and automated software solutions to increase efficiency. In their dash to digitize, however, many companies are inadvertently doing more harm than good. Randomly automating workflows, implementing poorly planned or poorly designed software, and relying on unreliable consultants rather than taking time to strategize and plot out their digitization processes ends up hurting them in the long run. 

This is where digital transformation frameworks, such as Savvior’s SOLR enterprise search services, come in. From NASA to MTV, the world’s leading organization are digitizing and switching to SOLR to search for documents within their vast networks. Read on to learn how SOLR and other digital transformation frameworks are changing how today’s top companies incorporate digital technologies into their businesses. 

What is a Digital Transformation Framework?    

Digital transformation frameworks are equivalent to roadmaps. They provide a sense of organization and order amidst the chaos of IT operations. IT professionals often contend with outmoded legacy applications, mysterious cloud services that no one seems to understand, and endpoints ranging from smartphones to cobwebbed laptops. Compound this with the complexities of big business, and you can have quite the headache on your hands—a headache primed to hobble your success. 

When setting down your digital transformation framework—or when you hire IT consulting experts to do it for you—you are taking inventory of your current IT system and organizing a plan of attack for how to improve it. Digital transformation frameworks help cut redundancies or instances when upgraded software can’t perform due to reliance on old systems. 

Does my Business Need to Use a Digital Transformation Framework?

planning map

Most likely, yes. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your business needs to use a digital transformation framework.

1. Your Company Uses Slow and Inefficient Processes

In this day and age, no one has the patience to wait for minute tasks to be completed. If you feel that your company is lagging behind the competition because your teams are taking too long to finish critical milestones, you may need to rethink the way that you operate. You don’t want to lose out on a client or customer because of your company’s outdated business practices and operations. Incorporating digital technologies will likely help alleviate this issue. 

Once you determine your goals, you can take the first steps toward adjusting your company’s infrastructure accordingly. But first, you need to have a solid plan for implementing change in your company’s processes and operations. A digital transformation framework can help you by acting as a blueprint for how your organization plans to move forward with its proposed changes. 

2. You Don’t Have a Solid Plan of Action for Achieving Your Company’s Business Goals

Maybe your company already came up with a set of goals it wants to achieve with the help of digital processes for the upcoming quarter or year. The only problem is that you are struggling with mapping out a strategy to complete these goals. With a digital transformation framework, you can not only better articulate your goals, but also plan out a path to success toward achieving them. 

3. Your Company is Struggling to Keep up With Large Sets of Data and Information

Companies nowadays are often forced to deal with large amounts of data and content such as videos, photos, and sound files. SOLR, in particular, is useful for addressing this issue by allowing employees to easily search for the specific file that they want within a large database. Savvior can help your company migrate from your old search platform to SOLR to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer process. 

How Can I Effectively Use a Digital Transformation Network?

While a digital transformation framework can save your business from tech failure, it can be challenging to get off the ground. This is where IT consulting firms like Savvior come into play. Their experience in the field of digital transformation frameworks can be invaluable to a business trying to take off in the digital market. 

Together with advanced enterprise search software—such as SOLR—Savvior has taken businesses to the next level with their digital transformation framework roadmaps. SOLR helps Savvior’s clients succeed by allowing them to focus on data search. It’s estimated that businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to simple information redundancies or data loss. When data is stored in disorganized, disparate endpoints it’s likely to be forgotten. As a result, your business loses precious time and money. Savvior organizes these systems using a digital transformation framework. Then, once the system is organized, deploying software like SOLR to put it all at your fingertips. 


With an upgraded, organized and comprehensive IT system, thanks to Savvior’s expertly crafted digital transformation frameworks, there’s no stopping your business from reaching its full potential. For more information on how Savvior can help your business successfully strategize using digital transformation frameworks, such as SOLR, get in touch with one of our team members today.