Integrated Corporate Health

ICH is a global pharmaceutical-oriented organization whose mission is to ensure that safe, effective, and high quality medicines are developed and registered in the most resource-efficient manner and that the benefits of better international global health can be realized worldwide.

ICH initially began screening their customer's 6000 employees and conducting physical analysis for glucose readings, toxicity and blood work variables. The results would be available to customers and their employees in the form of reports also sent to health care providers. When the screenings increased to 100,000, it created serious bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

The software code involved with the wellness programs was antiquated and inefficient, so Savvior re­wrote the code and added new feature sets to support on-line users. They created a "Trinet" application consisting of Internet access for patients (customers' employees), Intranet for internal employees and Extranet for access by healthcare providers.

Now all users can access wellness reports on­line whether they are ICH customers, e.g. Cabelas, their employees or healthcare providers. This new architecture has driven down health care costs to the customers and employees and is compliant with HIPPA regulations.