Accelero Health Partners is an orthopedic consulting company that works with hospitals to create market-leading Musculoskeletal Service Lines and Orthopedic Product Lines.

  • Migrating from Intuit Quickbooks 2003 to 2013
  • Sales staff using dated Microsoft Access 2005 utility to track billable and non-billable expenses, credit card transactions, and employee timesheets.
  • The Microsoft Access utility, while efficient, did not provide any layers of authentication or user permissions.
  • Intuit Quickbooks 2013 would no longer allow for interoperability with Microsoft Access
  • Making firewall changes to their corporate office to allow outside access to their Quickbooks application would not be acceptable.
  • Accelero had additional,small, requirements to bring their accounting tasks up-to-date

  • With a copy of the Microsoft Access utility, Savvior wireframed a modern web UI to mimic the functionality of the Microsoft Access utility while maintaining web usability standards and incorporating new functionality such as user notifications and PDF exportability.
  • The application, named 'MET', was built on a modern MVC framework that abstracts key functionality to enable it to be run on most popular server configurations.
  • Employees were given unique logins with administrator-configurable permissions so only users with the proper permissions could see all records entered, approve expenses and weekly timesheets, and add additional users or expense categories.
  • Expenses and credit card transactions are exportable to Quickbooks in a flat-file, downloadable by application administrators through their web client.

  • Accelero was able to successfully migrate to Quickbooks 2013 with little-to-no complaints from their sales staff.
  • Data from their existing Microsoft Access utility was imported into the MET application developed by Savvior, allowing for historical reporting and auditing.
  • In the future, Accelero will be able to regularly upgrade their Quickbooks version without having to worry about how they collect expense entries from their sales staff.