These videos will get you up to speed and running with SPX in no time.

  • Brand Colors & Logo

    Setting up your brand colors and company logo.

  • Client Setup

    Add companies or individuals.

  • Invite Users

    Invite user to collaborate with.

  • Client Contacts

    Add contacts to clients.

  • Dashboard

    Understanding your business at a glance.

  • Image Manager

    All of your organizations images in one central location.

  • Section Library

    Create and reuse buckets of content throughout your documents.

  • Custom Tokens

    Create and use custom tokens to pre-populate documents.


Step by step walk throughs for working with some of the components in designs.

  • Create A Document

    Everything you need to start creating documents.

  • Table Tools

    A quick walkthrough showing how to use the table tools in a document.

  • Videos

    Enhance your presentation by adding a YouTube or Vimeo video!

  • Word Documents

    Copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word.

  • Custom Tokens

    Creating and using custom tokens in your documents.

  • Document Primary Contact

    Creating and using custom tokens in your documents.

  • Rescind a document

    Learn how to rescind a document.

  • Document status

    Check on the status of your documents.

  • Clone a document

    Get your next document started quickly by cloning another document.

  • Export to PDF

    Send your document to clients or colleagues as a PDF.

  • Adding Signatures & Initials

    Add signature and initials to your documents for client sign off.

Pricing Sheet & Products

All of your products and pricing data in one location.

  • Products

    Add product images and meta data for use in all of your documents.

  • Pricing Sheet

    Quickly build detailed quotes for proposals or estimates with the pricing sheet module.


Manage security for your organization.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Secure your account with Google Authenticator

  • Manage Profile & Password

    Manage your profile and change your password.

Estimates & Invoices

A few quick walk throughts to get you up to speed on Estimates and Invoices.

  • Create an estimate

    Step by step process for creating an estimate.

  • Estimate overview accepted

    Options available to you once an estimate is accepted.

  • Estimate signing & acceptance

    What your clients will see when you send them an estimate.

  • Estimate overview

    A brief walkthrough on a sent estimate.


Administrative features found in SPX.

  • Document Categories

    Create and utilize Document Categories.

  • Custom Fields

    Create custom fields for clients & contacts.

  • Email Response Templates

    Create and customize email templates for documents, invoices and estimates.

  • Locked Sections

    View and take ownership of document sections.

  • Security Roles

    Create specific rules and roles for your team members.

  • User management

    Access control and user management


The overall heartbeat of your organization.

  • Dashboard Overview

    Dashboard overview and features.