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Trusted by 80% of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the world’s top web collaboration and content management tools. Featuring intranet, document management, process automation and workflow automation abilities, SharePoint is an integral, trusted tool.

For 20 years, Savvior has helped some of the world’s leading enterprise corporations, mid-size businesses, and emerging market leaders implement and optimize the tools required to take business and technology performance to new heights.

Savvior guides the Microsoft SharePoint implementation from product evaluation through integration into third-party systems, as well as optimizing SharePoint for your bespoke needs.

Why Savvior for SharePoint?  

SharePoint deployments are a combination of applications, services and databases where delivering a scalable, dynamic and efficient portal implementation can be a challenging task for even the most experienced IT professionals. Savvior’s talent and experience can ensure your organization gets the most out of SharePoint, and avoids common pitfalls which can hurt performance and user adoption.

Savvior’s team guides leading organizations to SharePoint success. Savvior’s development team knows the technical optimizations necessary on the critical areas which impact SharePoint performance, and guides your organizations on which improvements matter the most.

Connecting, organizing and sharing information has never been easier

Some key reasons for SharePoint success with Savvior:

  • Our experience with SQL mitigates the demands SharePoint inherently places through numerous database calls, service jobs, search indexing, and other operations
  • Experienced in navigating even the most complex network security policies
  • Helps you manage the inherently data intensive, database cnnections and firewall challenges
  • Savvior’s experience adjusting SQL patterns

Savvior provides guidance and best practices around:

  • Proactively managing the size and growth of individual databases
  • Distributing user data across multiple databases
  • Page size minimization and customization guidelines
  • Adjusting ViewState specific pages
  • Implementing custom server controls
  • Adjusting IIS compression settings

With Savvior, SharePoint can become the collaborative portal your team has always hoped for; our experience with SharePoint’s framework, infrastructure components, servers, network connections and databases ensure optimal performance across any enterprise.