Intelligent Invoice Processing

  • No Templates – Utilize deep learning AI algorithms to AUOTMATICALLY process your invoices with extreme accuracy.  The AI algorithm learns from your users to achieve 95%+ accuracy.
  • No Setup – ancoraDocs is ready out of the box to accurately process your summary and line item data. Machine learning and artificial intelligence train the algorithm in just a few days of usage.
  • True Business Process Automation – Ancora can plug right into JobRouter to deliver enterprise ready business process automation.  Quickly design and adapt the most complex routing rules bespoke to your requirements, while being future proof against future business needs.

Reduce Your Costs

Save an average hard cost of $12 per invoice in processing costs! With your invoices going through fewer touch points, eliminating duplicate data entry, and elimination of human error you will get paid faster and reduce overhead within your AP department.

Adding business process automation with JobRouter can fully automate approvals, and invoice payment to your customers as well as integrate your AP process with your ERP system.

Measurable ROI

  • Reduce Document Processing time by 85%

  • Reduce Invoice Processing Costs by 65%

  • Reduce human error by 95%