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It’s no secret that typical canned business technology solutions are rigid, and will not permit functionality to be modified in meaningful ways. This creates serious problems for companies which have distinctive business processes. This excellent Forbes article by Chuck Cohn article summarizes these challenges, and offers a fresh look at the alternative, custom software, bespoke to the needs of the business.

No two organizations are exactly alike, and many have unique needs to properly run their individual operations. Many standard off-the-shelf products ultimately lead to inefficient, manual processes and makeshift workarounds, like relying on spreadsheets and data trapped in silos, instead of powering decisions.

These inherent limitations eventually become more and more pronounced, and pose serious challenges to scalability goals.  Unfortunately, some companies find out too late, only after embarking on selecting and implementing and ultimately getting stuck with the inherent limitations of off-the-shelf systems.

At Savvior, our goal is to solve our clients’ business problems, by doing more with the systems already in place, and developing tactical applications which solve specific business problems. Our frameworks are designed to be easily customized to specific needs, integrate with a wide set of APIs from different software and data partners, and incorporate intuitive, elegant user experiences which make people enthusiastic about using them.

It’s why the world’s leading global multinational corporations like Rolls-Royce and Alcoa trust Savvior for some of their most important business application and data integration needs.

In addition to being able to better serve their clients, Savvior clients see competitive advantages by choosing our custom frameworks. By being better positioned against competitors in the marketplace, and quickly adapting technology as industries and verticals evolve, Savvior clients stay one step ahead of the market. See a few examples here.