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case study Aurochs Brewing

Startup Gluten-Free Brewery Aurochs Brewery launches new Savvior-powered digital presence


Founded by medical needs to follow a gluten-free diet and a shared passion for great tasting beer by two life-long friends, Aurochs Brewing Company was born in 2012. Working to raise startup funding from Carnegie Mellon University, local incubators, and accredited angel investment from groups including Pittsburgh area’s BlueTree Allied Angels, Doug and Ryan have had quite a journey. 

Aurochs learned of Savvior’s excellent track record helping global corporations solve major business challenges, and helping early-stage companies like Aurochs make the crucial technology stack decisions for scalability. Brewing great beer is only part of the effort required to build a great business, Aurochs teamed up with Savvior to explore how the web, marketing and technology and would impact Aurochs Brewing.  Key needs included:

  • Authentic, high-quality, and ongoing content created and distributed by the Aurochs team
  • Easy-to-use, secure platform to build and maintain long-term Aurochs fans to scale
  • Scalable web platform with future integration to mission-critical inventory information
  • Encourage and iteratively develop future product offerings based on two-way conversations


  • Conducted a SavviTrack™ Discovery session to determine precise needs 
    • Evaluated and recommended SavviCMS™, eliminating need for HTML editors
  • Intuitively-designed site, ideal for use by even the least-technical employees
  • Safe and secure workflow ensures only authorized users are able to edit the system


  • Provides Aurochs a competitive edge in terms of both functionality and customer visibility
  • Customers directly impacted what functionality was included, increasing customer loyalty
  • Two-way conversations with customers help design future product offerings
  • Read more about how Aurochs is managing the customer journey

“We’ve launched, we’re live, and we love it! The Savvior team was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout this entire process. The site and framework are perfect for Aurochs and most importantly, for our customers. These guys listened to our needs, and helped us prepare for issues we might not anticipate on our own. We had the confidence with them as a partner to focus our energies on other major key areas of our operations while they built a great site. Thumbs up!”  
                                                                                                                                     – Doug Foster, Co-Founder, Aurochs Brewing Co.