Big Data is what every firm struggles to both manage and understand.  As the world becomes more digitized, enterprise/micro level applications and deployments continue to create create silos in and across organizations of all sizes.  These deployments and approach might solve some immediate business requirements, but it hinders the long-term growth of the organization; the desire to spread information from silo-to-silo is a noble effort, and many organizations care deeply about sharing more and more information. It's the entire crux and promise of Big Data.

In most cases, there are numerous technical hurdles to overcome. Savvior understands how to tackle these hurdles, and has a boatload of experience in a wide range of markets. Issues such as database structures, naming conventions, programmer interfaces, etc. can be problematic when attempting to have one application communicate with another.  At this point, data normalization becomes a very significant and meaningful issue.  

We're handling these challenges for some of the world's leading entities, with great success. Savvior's technology-agnostic approach to this issue allows normalization to occur across multiple applications and deployments, without removing any existing core systems or modifying them in any way.  

Savvior provides a bridge between CMOs and CIOs; we isolate particular business problems, and design and develop custom web and mobile applications which connect specific data with users, without going behind the firewall. Our approach becomes widely-adopted by IT teams, in part because there are no new 3rd party license fees introduced, and the existing systems are still used as they were originally intended.  If required, Savvior also takes an approach to 'crowd-source' data across an organization when standards cannot exist, and additional human interfaces are required to create better data integrity.

If your organization seeks to do more to understand and leverage Big Data, contact us today.