The evolution of the Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Creative Officer continues at a blinding pace. Today’s CMO is challenged to master data, analytics and technology in incredible fashion, all while being held accountable for revenue generation like never before.

There’s a huge trend away from agency-of-record relationships, forcing the CMO and his/her team to be much more hands-on than in decades past.

This powerful piece from AdAge provides some startling stats on the revolving door that has become the C-suite in Marketing, and the landscape in big brands.  

At Savvior, we understand the tightrope that today’s CMO walks between creative and technology, and are here to help the CMO bridge the gap between business goals and the technologies that will help their position, and their organization succeed. We partner with the CMO to help guide the technologies that help redefine the role of marketing in the organization, and help the internal IT team accelerate goals and innovate.

With our team providing stewardship and implementation of the technologies that impact marketing and do more with the big data that powers them, we free the CMO and their team to dedicate more focus on the creative aspects that are mission-critical to the brand, and are their passion and gift to the business.

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