The Pittsburgh Technology Council named Savvior a 2017 Tech50 Finalist, in the category Innovative Solution of the Year, in recognition of our groundbreaking knowledge mastery platform, OmniView KMS™.

Launched commercially in January 2017, and already deployed across numerous global multinational corporations including Arconic, where 100% of all projects are entered into the system here in Pittsburgh, the OmniView KMS™ transforms knowledge management across any size enterprise.

OmniView KMS™ amalgamates a state-of-the-art combination of search, reporting, machine-powered decisions, and employee research and wiki collaboration.

The inherit collaboration challenges in large organizations waste incredible time and money, frustrate employees, can be a compliance issue, and limit productivity. To optimize knowledge across the enterprise, it's essential to free data hidden in spreadsheets, legacy data systems, employees’ minds and lost in chains of emails. It's essential to turn data into useful information for employees. 

It’s also hard to attract, onboard and retain the next generation of your workforce while also balancing loss of knowledge that accompanies staff defection and retirement. Best-of-breed, intuitive online collaboration tools are imperative, but will only work if you can reach all the right information. 

The system effortlessly lays on top of all existing data systems (enterprise big data systems SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, etc.) to provide unprecedented enterprise search, security, compliance, project management power and knowledge categorization.

It erases the knowledge gap between the most senior internal employee and a brand-new hire!

Modular in form, it can also be deployed as a point solution for any of the aforementioned challenges.   Learn more about OmniView KMS™