Savvior's fired up to announce a new mobile app launch: Noted surgeon Dr. Victor Prisk's and VRP Sciences The Leucine Factor Diet application.

Leucine is special in its ability to directly stimulate muscle growth and maintenance, and Dr. Prisk's program helps users turn weight into lean muscle mass. In November, Savvior launched a new responsive design site for Dr. Prisk, packed with great content around VRP's programs. 

Today we’re excited to introduce the iPhone app and Android App which allows users to connect with Dr. Prisk and receive his free newsletter, calculate personalized Leucine intake based on various workout and eating habits and offer a free sampling of foods you can use in your meal plans. Plus, purchasing the full version via a one-time in-app purchase will unlock a plethora of additional features which assist users with meal planning, leucine point and macro tracking, and diet tips to keep users on track with daily intake. 

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Prisk noted, “Christopher and his team at Savvior go above and beyond what other app developers in town can offer. His team has made incredible changes to my app The Leucine Factor Diet which another company couldn't do without spending a lot more money and time. His team is fair, affordable, hardworking, and easy to reach. If you are looking to build an app or a website (which they created for the app) there's nowhere else to go in Pittsburgh. Trust me, I’ve tried others and learned the hard way.”

Now, you can get your leucine needs, and use this powerful app to adjust your activity and calorie levels, as well as adjust your meal planning from your smartphones.  

Download it from the App Store or Google Play today, and get your diet and fitness goals on track like never before.

Happy Dieting from Dr. Prisk and your friends at Savvior!