One of the key, new areas of focus Savvior’s incorporating with respect to data and infrastructure for our clients is Machine Learning.  So much of our work is helping marketing leverage data and reach customers in new, highly-impactful ways, it’s no surprise we’re helping illustrate new ways marketing can adjust to the changing landscape of search, ads, YouTube, and more.

Machine Learning is NOT the same thing as reporting or analytics. When we look at the sheer volume of data that’s out there, from so many data sources and even web-based search, traditional analytics that you find in most BI and enterprise reporting tools simply can’t get to all the value nor test all the various hypotheses that you’d have to, in order to really understand the patterns that are hidden there.

Here’s where it gets really exciting; machine learning isn’t limited like human thinking and traditional analysis. The more data you pour into it, the better the insights become. Pretty scary, and pretty cool.

This article  showcases Google’s focus on Machine Learning, and how it has them pretty much rethinking everything.  There’s still a ton we have to learn about Machine Learning, and the impact it will have over the next few years on marketing, but suffice it to say, we’re excited we’ve a head start on this incredibly powerful way of making data work!

If you’d like to learn more about machine learning, what we're doing with it, and what it can do for your data, reach out to us