One of the region’s state-of-the art flatbed transportation companies, PGT Trucking has remained true to the company’s founder’s goals of personalized customer service and employee recruitment, development and retention. PGT Trucking serves the steel, building materials, machinery, aluminum and automotive and oil and gas industries, and consistently leverages new technologies to further the businesses goals and client commitments.

As part of the company’s focus on recruiting the industry’s best talent to join their mission, and in the face of historically-challenging driver recruitment times, PGT Trucking wanted to re-imagine their website experience for the various website audiences they serve; customers, employees, and new candidates for employment. It was important to deploy a website with solid content on a platform that even non-technical employees could easily contribute to.

The PGT team sought to design and develop a web experience with lightning-fast page downloads, and frequently, easily and effectively upload and manage fresh content. PGT Trucking turned to Savvior to re-imagine how their corporate and driver-focused sites could be combined for a unified brand message and feel, and pick a solid content management system (CMS) to help team members contribute to the site.  

The PGT and Savvior team reviewed options, and determined Savvior’s proven content management system, SavviCMS™, would be a perfect fit for the company’s needs, as well as future goals and planned initiatives around the web.

Commenting on the launch of the new site, PGT Vice President of OSHA and Regulatory Compliancce Rhonda Yost remarked, “Working with the Savvior team was fantastic. They understood our business goals around driver recruitment, and offered excellent suggestions throughout the process. Savvior did an excellent job training our team on how to use the system, and how get the most out of the platform.”

Another key goal of the project was to meet key demographic targets, including Spanish-speaking candidates. Unlike other CMSs which rely on plugins which would necessitate extensive re-writing, SavviCMS™’s design eliminates the need for HTML editors, therefore PGT was able to copy the entire new site and deploy a Spanish version of the site in mere days.

Safe and secure workflow ensures only authorized users are able to edit the system, which makes great use of the company’s employees’ time.

Savvior Vice President Christopher R. Evans noted, “It’s imperative for this site to serve as the bedrock platform to help PGT meet their overall goals of driver recruitment. With PGT, you have a great company which has always remained true to its values, and today, the web is one of the most important channels in which to attract great candidates. SavviCMS™’s intuitive design will ensure various team members from PGT will be able to leverage the full features of the system, and continually evolve the content for their various audience targets.”

Savvior and PGT Trucking are currently exploring new initiatives which will further leverage the web and data to further advance the company’s strategic goals.