We’re embarking on a pretty exciting new time in enterprise software, through the move toward machine learning. Machine learning is really incredible, because rather than rely on human entry, it mines data from unconventional sources and methods inside and even outside of a company’s walls.

It gives access to data, even when it’s across unstructured areas like calendars, voicemail, and more. Especially cool, when you start looking at solutions that examine data from unconventional sources like data from global markets.

Here at Savvior, we’re working on a really cool top-secret project incorporating machine learning right now, but we can’t quite yet reveal all the deets on that.  Alright, alright..we will give you a hint. It will change the way ‘savvy’ investors look at select aspects of the financial markets. Stay tuned for an update on that one later this year.

So where else is Machine Learning about to change the world? Enterprise software.  We’re already seeing it move into things like detecting sales opportunities and client retention, as well as recruiting talent and improving how workforces collaborate and work together. You’re also seeing other players in the space leverage it for financial planning. Check out more in this awesome TechCrunch piece.

Interested in learning how you can do more with data, and explore machine learning? Reach out to us at hello@savvior.com, and we can have a conversation about it!