We’ve talked a lot about "mobilegeddon" in the past few years, and a lot of organizations have wisely moved towards responsive design sites, sites which function beautifully across mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers. It’s not really optional anymore; Google, the world’s largest search engine, has changed algorithms and not having a mobile-friendly site can kill you in the search rankings.

What’s less widely known, and might surprise you, is that page speed can also be a huge factor in your search performance, as well as whether or not your prospective customers actually become customers! Page speed is a big deal.

We’ve published thoughts on this, and all it takes is investing in the right tweaks to your website to make it optimized. Savvior is performing this service for clients all over the world, and we can help you get squared away, and immediately begin enjoying the business benefits of an optimized website.

Another surprisingly important consideration in search performance is if your site is HTTPS; Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure' and means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

In 2014, Google began giving a search ranking boost to secure websites! Having a site as "https"  is also a requirement for many new browser features, particularly those required for progressive web apps.  

Ok, it’s a lot to think about, but relax! The Savvior team can help get each of these aspects of your site aligned quickly and with minimal investment. Be sure to also ask us about our comprehensive approach to optimized tech+content for SEO, too. Want to learn more? Email us: getstarted@savvior.com today.