Savvior's Vice President Christopher R. Evans was recently named an Advisory Board Member to the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG)'s new Health IT Pittsburgh Initiative.  

Savvior has long-served many of the region's leading Healthcare and Healthcare IT organizations on key initiatives including HIPPA-compliant web solutions, EMR Data Integration, tablet application development, and more. 

"Health IT is going to be in every product," said PLSG President and CEO, Jim Jordan. "A standardized, global, web-based digitization of health care is coming and, when implemented, will remove the barriers surrounding the specialized world of managing health data. This event will open life sciences markets to more progressive suppliers, as evidenced by Apple's entrance into Medical Devices with a new watch containing a built-in EKG scanner and the ability to screen for heart rhythm irregularities."

"The PLSG has been tracking this trend over the past several years, and evidence shows it is now poised to drive innovation in every vertical we serve: Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and Therapeutics," Jordan added.  "The 'Health IT Pittsburgh' initiative will capitalize on Pittsburgh's three major clusters: its healthcare systems, its life sciences expertise, and its strong IT communities."

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