Selecting and implementing the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool enables your team to fully leverage data to ensure your company’s products and services are being marketed to the right targets, leads and events are properly managed, and customer fulfillment is streamlined.

However, according to statistics, most CRM implementations fail—that’s why Savvior created SavviCRM™, a unique platform that helps you to avoid the pitfalls and more:

  • Take control of your leads, tracking the activity, next steps and potential deals as they move through the pipeline.
  • Create custom events with your own pricing structure, through SavviCRM™’s Event Module.
  • Leverage a fully customizable home screen that give you exactly the right amount of information about your business. 
  • Quickly and easily create detailed reports and sales forecasts based on the enormous amount of data you have stored.
  • Utilize pre-existing auto-mailers like MailChimp or pull data from a front end call tracker, to increase campaign management and effectiveness.

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