We’ve been talking a lot here on the SavviBlog about the incredibly transformative impact of technologies on digital marketing and the overall customer experience.

Today’s CMO has incredible opportunities to transform the “customer journey”, and the impact of a more cohesive customer experience goes so far as to redefine elements of product development, even beyond marketing.

The challenge a lot of CMOs are facing today is compounded, however, when the CMO is bombarded with packaged software that promises the moon, but a lot of times really fail to address specific, tactical business problems, or worse-yet, can only tackle one area of a problem. This point is elegantly and effectively articulated by Deloitte CMO Diana O'Brien in this great piece by DMN.  

Building out the teams necessary to handle this changing landscape is very challenging and time-consuming. Not to mention, often very expensive and out-of-reach for many organizations. At Savvior, it’s our mission in life to help the CMO and the Marketing arm solve specific business challenges through tactical solutions which go at the root of a problem. For us, improving a customer experience is much about turning data into usable information.

We work closely with the marketing and technical teams in leading companies to advance the business, and make sure an organization is functioning at top caliber. Understanding a specific challenge, and attacking it. More than mere skillsets on hand, our exceptional depth of experience in these areas help us bring forward tons of lessons-learned, existing frameworks, and laser-focus on solving problems, effectively on-time and on-budget.  

Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more how we can help technology enhance your customers’ experience.