What a great story. A local NJ coffee shop grows from a local hangout into its founder’s dream of a cool, rock-music themed experience into a statewide operation that’s a must-visit experience for loyal customers. Even better, they team up with a leader in franchises via acquisition to take the operation nationwide.

That’s the story of Rock 'n' Joe's.  

Who better to help them create the type of web experience which will help position the re-brand and organization for national success than the Savvior team?

Built on SavviCMS™, the Franchise's marketing team can now take control of their website from a mobile-first perspective. The franchise’s new ownership, Ablak Holdings, was able to re-brand their marketing from a grungy rock-n-roll coffee shop to a modern music-themed coffee bar. 

Savvior also ensured integrated marketing efforts with Mailchimp for customer retention and loyalty programs, and we implemented the Franchise Application as a series of webforms to simplify the application process.

In future phases, we’ll embark on integration with their Point of Sale (POS) system too.  Check out the new site here.  Good luck to our friends at Rock ‘n’ Joe!