This fantastic piece from underscores Savvior’s value proposition in a striking array; few organizations can afford (or even identify) a “Chief Marketing Technologist”, but no one can deny CMOs of the future must be more fluent in technology to survive and thrive. Perhaps most importantly, to provide strategic guidance to the CEO.

As the CMO’s role continues to evolve, and more technology spend decisions fall on her/his plate, it’s going to be imperative that the decisions integrate seamlessly with enterprise legacy systems and the tech stack in general.  

The real challenge comes down to DNA! The strongest leaders of brands, the right-brained CMOs, are not typically wired to be CIOs/CTOs. No more than the tech folks truly grasp, embrace nor evangelize brands. It can easily lead to a strategic problem for the organization, and inhibit market dominance.

With Savvior, you’re working with 20 years of combined CMO and CIO experience, products, and frameworks which address specific marketing and business challenges, while playing nicely in the legacy tech stack. Some of the worlds’ leading entities, with the strongest CMOs, brands, and growth strategies, count on the Savvior team to help engage customers, connect to data, and accelerate business goals.

Reach out to us, if you’d like see how we can fill that Chief Marketing Technologist role your organization is bound to need in the changing landscape of digital marketing.