Surprisingly, up to 40% of SharePoint implementations fail! The platform affects broad groups across the enterprise. User adoption is only one key success factor an organization has to be concerned about when implementing SharePoint.   

Successful SharePoint implementations occur when a solid process and team are in place, building momentum and consensus around the solution. Understanding and sharing why the system will be used, for what, and what it should accomplish with stakeholders early in the process is critical. 

Involve relevant team members early in the process to define policies and procedures on how users will interact with SharePoint. Getting the right team members involved from marketing, IT, and compliance helps ensure the IT standards and infrastructure guidelines are in place, and help shape security policies.

It’s also important to understand options and risks around customization. Out-of-the box functionality can often fall short of meeting an organization’s specific goals with SharePoint. Customization can be tricky and lead to mistakes if you're not expert in this area. It’s also imperative to understand the specific needs of your users, and develop a comprehensive communication and training plan for the implementation.

Success with SharePoint needn't be elusive! Succeed with SharePoint