Everyone’s pretty sick of hearing the over-used terms about cloud and big data. The reality is, data…getting to it and being able to do more with it to run your enterprise and more effectively sell and service to customers is as important as it gets.

Often overlooked is the quality of the data. It’s garbage in, garbage out. Innacurate data is a huge issue, affecting 88% of organizations and up to 12% of revenues according to data quality experts Experian.

Boeing, Netflix and IBM are a few companies doing big data well. Check out more on the big data and bad data issue in this great piece in TechCrunch.

Savvior does a great job helping industry leading enterprises get access to data, even the largest and most-siloed cases. If you’re looking for some help defining use cases for the business, connecting to big data, and evaluating and making some good decisions about the analytical tools that are out there, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help!

From there, our SavviTrack™ process can help you prioritize and phase other applications which can do more with that data.